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Cygnus 2+

The Cygnus 2PLUS is a simple to use, multi-mode thickness gauge having Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo capabilities. The NEW high durability end-mounted rotatable LCD display makes it ideally suited for climbing and rope access.

The twin shot injection moulded enclosure has a soft but durable TPE outer skin which is comfortable to hold and protects against bumps while the hard internal shell offers maximum strength and environmental protection certified to the demanding US MIL STD 810G standard.

Perfect for use on flat plate, curved surfaces or pipes our Multiple-Echo single crystal probe technology means you can measure through thick coatings and only the remaining metal thickness is displayed.

The unit still relies on Multiple-Echo to provide simple and accurate measurements, with the added benefit of Echo‑Echo and Single-Echo using twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion. Echo-Echo for measurements on painted metals but with heavy back wall corrosion / pitting and Single‑Echo for measurements on uncoated surfaces with heavy front face and/or back-wall corrosion and attenuative materials such as cast metals or plastics / composites.


  • Multiple-Echo for reliable, accurate through coating measurements as specified by Classification Societies
  • Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes with twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion and back wall pitting
  • MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) used in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measurement modes
  • Hands free operation: wrist, waist belt and harness mountable
  • A NEW high durability LCD rotatable display for all lighting conditions
  • Extremely rugged enclosure – shock and impact to US MIL STD 810G
  • Environmental sealing to IP67 – US MIL STD 810G
  • Cygnus echo strength bars to assist quick measurements
  • Buttons integral with the TPE moulding and designed for minimum 100,000 depressions.

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Measuring Modes

Multiple-Echo using 3 sound pulses to ignore coatings up to 20 mm (0.8 inch) thick
Echo-Echo using 2 sound pulses to ignore coatings up 1 mm (0.04 inch) thick
Single-Echo using 1 sound pulse


Sound velocities from 1,000 – 9,000 m/s (0.0390 – 0.3543 in/us)


±0.1 mm or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greatest, when calibrated in accordance with
Cygnus Instruments calibration procedure

Probe Diameters and Frequencies

Single crystal probes:
6 mm (0.25 inch) – 5 MHz (S5A)
13 mm (0.5 inch) – 2.25 MHz (S2C (standard)),
3.5 MHz (S3C) or 5 MHz (S5C)
19 mm (0.75 inch) – 2.25 MHz (S2D)

Twin crystal probes:
5 mm (0.2 inch) – 7.5 MHz (T7A)
8 mm (0.32 inch) – 5 MHz (T5B (standard))
12 mm (0.5 inch) – 2 MHz (T2C (for attenuative materials, cast metals, plastics and composites))

Battery Life

10 hours minimum

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