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The new SONOWALL 70 thickness gauge is perfectly suited for various ultrasonic thickness applications. The robust aluminium casing with IP 67, a light weight of only 990g and high-resolution anti-glare 5-inch graphic display make the SONOWALL 70 the ideal thickness gage in harsh test environments.

Intuitive operation

In addition to high performance, the focus during the development for this new thickness gage was on intuitive handling and clear display of measurement results. An intuitive user interface, clearly structured menu, and the presentation of all menu items in full text simplify and accelerate the set-up and operation of the device, and reduce the risk of incorrect settings.

All relevant measurement values and device settings such as wall thickness, A- or B-Scan, and individually adjustable test parameters are apparent at a glance on the large display screen (800×489).

Thanks to the innovative flip-screen technology, the device can be used with either hand for convenient working.

Intelligent probe identification

SONOWALL 70 is the first thickness gage in the market with intelligence probe identification. The extended probe management allows probe-specific information, such as DAC-curves, delay lines and serial numbers, to be saved directly in the probe.

In addition to various thickness applications, the device can be upgraded to a full-function flaw detector.

Contact us for more information on the SONOWALL 70 or any of our other thickness gauges, or request a quote online.


5” TFT Screen, 800 x 480 pixels, 60 Hz


Frequency: 0.5 – 10 MHz (- 30 MHz optional)

Pulse: Negative rectangle (single pulse)

Pulse width: 20 to 500 ns, in steps of 10 V

Amplitude: 0 to 400 V, in steps of 10 V


Receiver: 110 dB

Amplifier bandwidth: 0.2 to 25 MHz


2x LEMO (IP 67 compliant)


20 to 100 MSps @ 12/14 Bit


V/W errror correction

Floating gates

Subsequent measurement of frozen A-scan

Backwall echo attenuation via extra gate

Time encoded B-scan option

Product Downloads

Sonowall 70 Spec Sheet
pdf 6 MB

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