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Power Up Your NDT Capabilities: A Guide to NDT Equipment Leasing

Robotic NDT

NDT equipment is an ever-evolving world – something that’s only set to accelerate as technology like AI, machine learning and robotics become more commonplace. While purchasing outright remains a viable option in certain situations, leasing can bring substantial operational and financial advantages. It also allows customers to take full advantage of the latest technology as soon as it comes to market.

The Nexxis leasing model is designed around customer requirements. Every lease is different and drawn up following a detailed analysis to ensure all client needs are met.


Q1:  How does a long-term lease work?

A lease agreement determines the length of time a piece of equipment is required and a monthly payment agreement that covers the term is agreed. During this time, the customer benefits from all the advantages of ownership, such as having the item/s available for use as and when needed. Required servicing and maintenance (outside of regular day-to-day care) is the responsibility of Nexxis, ensuring that the NDT equipment remains in good condition and working at full capacity.

Payment amounts are set and usually made monthly. At the end of the lease, customers can choose to purchase, upgrade or return the equipment. With a Nexxis lease agreement, if any upgrades become available during the term this will usually be included. There’s also an option to add to the original agreement if required.

Q2:  What are the monetary advantages of leasing?

Leasing allows customers to accurately budget over the long term. Regular monthly payments remove the need for a large upfront payment that locks funds within the asset. This increases company cash flow, allowing money to be directed to other projects as required.

Lease payments are usually tax deductible and simplify tax returns as incurred, rather than based on the depreciation rate for ownership.

Q3:  How are upgrades, maintenance and repairs handled?

Every lease agreement has a personal point of contact, providing a named individual or team responsible for managing all the equipment and upgrade needs. This two-way communication creates a solid relationship, both for the customer to contact if needed and for Nexxis to proactively arrange regular maintenance visits. In addition, if new models or software are launched during the terms of the lease, you’ll be contacted as soon as possible to organise the upgrade.

Q4:  Is leasing better than taking out a loan or relying on a line of credit?

Nexxis lease agreements are simple to understand and have clear-cut information about the monthly charge. There are no end-of-agreement fees, excessive interest rates or other additional charges. Other borrowing methods typically come with Ts & Cs or caveats that can add considerable costs. Leasing directly with Nexxis provides straightforward information that states what the customer will have to pay over the term of the agreement. There are no hidden costs or extras, nor is there a requirement to secure credit on other high-value assets.

Q5:  What happens at the end of the lease?

Customers are given the choice of returning the equipment, extending the agreement or negotiating a new contract. The Nexxis leasing model is designed to be as simple and transparent as possible. There are no hidden costs or final payments – customers know from the outset exactly what the financial obligations are and what the choices will be at the end of the term.

Q6:  What happens to the asset when the lease agreement is terminated?

Nexxis takes care of any disposal that’s necessary. Whether the equipment has reached the end of its lifespan, or it can be re-sourced or re-purposed, all the associated expenses and logistics will be handled by Nexxis.

Q7:  Does Nexxis tailor lease agreements to suit customer requirements?

Absolutely! As global leaders in creating NDT testing solutions for even the most complex of needs, virtually every lease agreement is unique to the customer. This includes the type of equipment, size of inventory, length of the lease agreement and more.

Q8:  Can companies lease as well as purchase equipment outright?

They certainly can. Indeed, a hybrid purchase-lease model is often the optimal method of equipment procurement. Nexxis works with customers to determine the most beneficial way forward, something that often results in owning certain items and leasing others.

Nexxis offers a wide framework of equipment procurement options. This includes long-term leasing, short-term rental, and, of course, outright purchase. As a leading global technical equipment supplier, Nexxis doesn’t simply provide NDT testing equipment, the goal is to partner with our clients to determine the very best solutions that benefit both operational and financial aspects.

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