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Olympus 27MG Thickness Tester

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The Olympus 27MG is an affordable ultrasonic thickness gage designed to make accurate, measurements from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes, tanks, and other equipment. It weighs only 12 oz. (340 g) and is ergonomically designed for easy, one-hand operation. Despite its compact size, the 27MG has many innovative measurement features utilizing the same technologies that are available on our more advanced thickness gages. The durable, rugged 27MG is battery-operated and features a large, backlit LCD with easy-to-read numerals, and an intuitive color-coded keypad with direct access to many key features.

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  • Dual element transducer measurement mode: Time interval from a precision delay after the excitation pulse to the first echo
  • Thickness range:  0.50 mm to 635 mm (0.020 in. to 25.0 in.) depending on material, transducer, surface conditions, temperature
  • Material velocity range:  0.508 mm/μs to 18.699 mm/μs (0.020 in./μs to 0.7362 in./μs)
  • Resolution (selectable):  Low: 0.1 mm (0.01 in.) Standard: 0.01 mm (0.001 in.)
  • Transducer frequency range:  2.25 MHz to 10 MHz (–3 dB)

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