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Why You Need An Ex Rated Camera

Challenging working locations, such as those commonly encountered within the oil & gas, mining and nuclear industries, require very specific equipment with which to work safely.

In the hazardous working conditions commonly found in the mining, nuclear and oil & gas industries, the use of inspection equipment that’s designed for such volatile environments is mandatory. Ex Rated equipment has been designed specifically to negate the emission of a spark or flame that could cause an explosion or fire.

Cameras that effectively deliver the necessary quality to inspect areas, such as pipes, tanks, ponds and other hard to reach locations, must pass rigorous safety standards to be used in Ex Zones. This means they can’t present a potential ignition source for any by-product of industrial processes that leaves unstable matter (dust, gas, vapours etc) circulating in the air.

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Ex Rated cameras, in the same way as all Ex Rated equipment, are those designated as safe to use in one of the three assigned zones. These differ in various regions of the world and even by country. In the Asia Pacific region these are classified as:

• Zone 0: Flammable atmosphere continuously present or present for long periods (more than 1,000 hours per year)
• Zone 1: Flammable atmosphere likely to occur in normal operation (more than 10 hours per year but less than 1,000 hours per year)
• Zone 2: Flammable atmosphere not likely to occur but if it occurs will exist only for a short time (less than 10 hours per year).

Ex Rated Camera Features

In addition to the above-mentioned safety features, a quality Ex Rated camera needs to offer the necessary attributes to operate within inhospitable working conditions. This should incorporate cutting-edge technology, tough and robust construction, be tolerant to radiation and able to deliver excellent visuals even in the hardest of locations, such as blurry water.

The VT 1000 HD PTZ Ex Inspection Camera is just the first of such state-of-the-art Ex Rated equipment that technology company Nexxis has introduced within its rental fleet, thanks to a newly developed, exclusive partnership with DEKRA-Visatec, the leading provider of Ex Rated supplies within the Asia-Pacific region. Nexxis are committed to delivering the latest innovative technologies to industry that allow end-users to make faster and better decisions in the field. This solution combines the necessary safety features with full HD imagery and multiple functions. This means the camera boasts features that far outweigh its rivals.

Nexxis to strengthen industries with Dekra partnership

Users benefit from:

• Full HD resolution
• 30x optical zoom / 12x digital
• Integrated 2D/3D noise reduction
• Visibility enhancer and de-fog feature
• Integrated LED lighting
• Pan and tilt functions
• Watertight up to 50 metres

Such an inspection camera allows for brilliant picture quality, the capture of highly detailed pictures from a great distance, underwater inspection and is radiation tolerant.

Every project has constantly changing requirements. An equipment supplier like Nexxis, that can be as dynamic as the needs required from its end-users, offers asset owners a unique opportunity to be more competitive than their rivals.

Find out more about Ex Rated cameras and related inspection equipment. or contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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