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Nexxis to strengthen industries with Dekra Partnership

Nexxis is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with Dekra, a German-based company providing advanced robotic and sophisticated camera inspection solutions for asset inspection and maintenance.


The partnership will provide Nexxis customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea with complete access to the entire range of Dekra’s products.

Nexxis will also have direct access to Dekra’s experienced engineers to assist in the development of targeted solutions for the Nuclear, Oil and Gas and Mining industries.

One of the many advantages to the agreement will be an assisted trial program focussed on reduced shutdown times, which is vital as more facilities look to reduce costs and increase safety.

Nexxis’ partnership with Dekra is aligned with the company’s continued focus on equipment and technology solutions that are tailored specifically to its clients’ needs, ensuring they can stay on top of preventative maintenance and limit unnecessary shutdowns.

It also offers the opportunity for clients to leverage Nexxis’ relationship with Dekra and other technology providers to address the challenges of robotic integration into existing inspection and maintenance systems.

Jason De Silveira on Dekra Announcement


Founding CEO Jason De Silveira says the partnership will strengthen industries in and around Australia.

“We are delighted to be working with Dekra,” De Silveira said.

“They will continue to identify collaboration partners to ensure we offer the most advanced NDT and inspection technology and service solutions in the Asia Pacific region.”

De Silveira also believes that it’s a small step in making our region a world leader in the field of testing and inspections.

“Utilising Dekra products improves our ability to collect highly accurate sets of data,” he said

“This means better integrity benchmarks can be established for facilities, providing an opportunity for the market in this region to become a world leader in performing some of the most advanced and cost-effective testing and inspection programs.”

Nexxis and Dekra have worked together for some time and share a common philosophy about collaborating with industry experts to deliver solutions beyond simple products.

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