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Nexxis On Tour: First Up, the World SPRINT Robotics Conference & Exhibition 2023

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When it comes to seeing the ultimate in next-generation inspection robotic technology, there’s only one place the world’s eyes were looking this month – the SPRINT Robotics World Conference and Exhibition. 

This year’s event took place in Houston, TX, USA on October 10th and 11th. This is, of course, a natural draw for key Nexxis personnel. But, far from just attending, the company showcased some of their key OEM products at the exhibition and, as Nexxis Global Business Development Manager said, 

“We took an active part, as always…” 

And an active part they did… 

World SPRINT Robotics Conference & Exhibition 2023

Showcasing Panther and Magneto 

As word about the Nexxis-created range of tailored robotic NDT tools gets out, the interest from industry professionals increases. With a worldwide audience numbering in the thousands, SPRINT provided the perfect opportunity for people to see them first-hand. 

Magneto, the inspection platform that can climb and inspect vertical, complex and confined spaces was particularly well-received. Such a next-generation maintenance robot is exactly what events like SPRINT are all about. With its autonomous features, complex movement abilities through five degrees of freedom and blissfully simple operation, this magnetic-footed quadruped platform generated massive interest. 

Equally as popular was the Panther Crawler, the novel pipe inspection tool that can be customised to inspect virtually any confined space or pipework application. 

View the video of both being demonstrated at the SPRINT exhibition. 


Playing a Part in the Panel Session 

Two members of the Nexxis team took part in various panel sessions.  

  • Jason de Silveira: Founding CEO of Nexxis, presented in the session, Key Challenges and Future Insights in Robotic Solution Implementation.  
  • Liam Hanna: The Nexxis Global Business Development Manager presented on Lessons Learned Developing Robotic Platforms moving from Inspection to Maintenance.

Panel session at the World SPRINT Robotics Conference & Exhibition 2023

The company’s proactive and innovative approach to tech makes it a key player in this dynamic market. Working firmly in the “how can we solve inspection and maintenance challenges?’ landscape, Nexxis was one of the first global companies to take such an approach. Indeed, the whole backbone of the business since its inception in 2014 has been built upon this ethos – the trickier the problem, the more this uber-inventive team rises to the challenge… 

Women in Robotics 

Women in Robotics

The lively Women in Robotics session brought some of the brightest minds together and provided a valuable networking opportunity. In addition, it was the ideal platform for women to showcase their place in what is no longer a wholly male-dominated world. 

Carly English, who works as ‘Partnerships’ at Nexxis in Houston, TX, was delighted to see the extent of how the industry has embraced a more diverse and inclusive landscape. With multiple talks from leading women in the industry, she said that, 

“Their contributions are not only advancing technology but also paving the way for more inclusivity and diversity for future women.” 

Nexxis, of course, is no stranger to promoting females within the industry and has been doing so for many years. In 2018 they partnered with Women in Subsea Engineering (WISE) to mentor 30 participants in a week-long, oil & gas program to show the wide variety of careers available. 

Another example includes university internships, such as the four-month Nexxis placement that Agnes Mukumba undertook with them in 2022, which led to her taking a full-time engineering position after qualification. 

Whether it’s creating novel NDT and maintenance solutions or spearheading under-represented minorities in the field, Nexxis continues to take a leading approach – and the industry is sitting up and taking notice. 

So… What’s next for the Nexxis on the road team?  Well, they won’t have to travel far, because the ASNT 2023 annual conference takes place from the 23rd to the 26th of October – and it’s also in Houston, TX. Naturally, the team will be there. 

Over 2,000 NDT industry professionals are expected to attend. We’ll update you on the part that Nexxis will undoubtedly be playing and bring you all the news and info just as soon as we can. 


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