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Introducing Nexxis PowerTrain – the Future of Pipe Inspection Technology

Effective NDT of pipes, especially in hard or impossible-to-reach areas, has been a historical challenge for maintenance managers to adequately address. However, breakthrough technology has, at last, provided a viable answer for asset owners to reliably gain the precious accurate readings and data necessary for effective and proactive management.

Enter the Nexxis PowerTrain, the next-generation pipe inspection crawler that overcomes the vast majority of inspection issues.

Meet the PowerTrain 

PowerTrain is an innovative solution from solutions-centric Nexxis that’s been custom-created to provide the agility necessary to reliably test the status of pipe diameters from 150mm upwards. Packed with a variety of data collection features, PowerTrain elevates the accuracy, quality and speed of NDT to never-before seen levels.

This versatile tool works in the following way:

  • Built around a centrally rotating body that spins the sensor payload.
  • Collects high resolution 3D and mapping data.
  • Provides full coverage of the circumference of the pipe section.
  • Is equipped with HD video screen for real-time inspection.
  • The centrally rotating body is interchangeable with other NDT methods, including UT wall thickness measurements.
  • Captures both video and still images.
  • Location tagging is enabled, making it easy to track and identify anomaly locations.
  • Is fitted with powerful software that makes is simple to create comprehensive, shareable reports.

PowerTrain is suitable for multiple applications, including:

  • Sewer lines
  • Gas pipes
  • Drill risers
  • Water pipework
  • Caissons
  • Penstocks
  • Complex geometry pipes with multiple bends and horizontal levels

The PowerTrain pipe inspection crawler has been designed for multiple industry use, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Mining, LNG, Water and Municipal fields. The technology is powered by a 72 VDC transmission system (supplied from a Juicebox Controller) to allow for extended inspection times. 

It offers 2D bend radius with a pipe length range of 100m-300m. There is also the option of customisation for those who need to reach further distances from a single access point. With full ingress protection, PowerTrain can be used in temperatures from 0-50 degrees Celsius.

The technology is cutting-edge, providing a compact, full coverage inspection solution from a future-proof platform. PowerTrain has already been proven to reduce testing durations and dramatically improve the quality of data collection and complete NDT process in a diverse range of applications.

Nexxis is delighted to bring the future of pipe inspection to the here and now. Such tools are at the heart of the Nexxis difference, where we work to find solutions to overcome inspection challenges by utilising the latest proven technology.  

Discover more about PowerTrain and other advanced NDT equipment or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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