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Case Study: Power Corp. Saves Big by Bringing Alignment In-House

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Power Corp., a power plant located in Keratea/Lavrion, encountered a significant challenge with their GT42 9E gas turbine. The issue itself was not unique to Power Corp., as similar problems had been observed in other installations worldwide with the same turbine model.





The challenges faced by Power Corp. with their GT42 9E gas turbine was that the turbine’s high exhaust outlet caused damage to the middle layer, leading to wear and tear on the turbine shaft and bearings. This resulted in undesirable effects such as increased vibration, heat generation, and energy loss. 


To address these challenges, Power Corp. opted for an in-house alignment solution by investing in an E960-B Turbine alignment system and an E710 Shaft alignment system. Additionally, they received training from Prosper Chekroun, an Application Expert from Easy-Laser AB, who travelled to Greece to conduct the training sessions.

Implementing the alignment systems enabled Power Corp.’s Maintenance Supervisor and the engineers to take full control of the service and maintenance tasks. This newfound independence allowed them to reduce downtime and avoid costly repairs. By being able to perform service jobs in-house, Power Corp. also anticipated significant cost savings.

The alignment process was streamlined and efficient. Utilizing specially designed brackets, the team could accurately define the geometric condition of the gas turbine and make the necessary adjustments to achieve alignment. The Easy-Laser® display unit played a crucial role, providing real-time feedback on turbine diaphragm movement, thereby facilitating the adjustment process. The personnel had precise visibility into when to halt the diaphragm movement, ensuring precise alignment within the manufacturer’s tolerances.

In addition to aligning the gas turbine cells, Power Corp. also focused on aligning the turbine shaft with the generator shaft. They employed the Easy-Laser® E710 system for this task, which allowed for thermal compensation values to be considered. The system accommodated as many generator foot pairs as necessary. Throughout the adjustment process, live monitoring of the movements was possible, ensuring accurate alignment of the movable engine. This alignment process was successfully replicated on another unit present at the Power Corp. premises.


The middle layer becomes very worn, the rotor pressed upwards and starts to gnaw in the white metal.


The implementation of in-house alignment capabilities proved highly beneficial for Power Corp. They achieved improved control over service and maintenance operations, resulting in reduced downtime and minimized expenses associated with costly repairs. By eliminating the need for external service providers, Power Corp. realized significant cost savings. The entire alignment process, from training to completion, was accomplished within a week, a considerable improvement compared to the longer service durations with external companies. As a result, Power Corp. now enjoys the benefits of a well-functioning gas turbine, accompanied by the satisfaction of successfully addressing alignment challenges in-house.


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*Case study originally created by Silje Langhelle
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