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The future has arrived: Fully automated Zenith Inspections

Drones and robotic equipment are, by now, no longer ground-breaking news. However, their evolution certainly is. The reasons to embrace such fast-moving technology are many, and include:

  • Quicker inspections
  • Faster inspections
  • Safer inspections
  • More affordable inspections

But… There’s one small but incredibly important aspect that’s often completely overlooked when it comes to advancing technology – that of simplicity.

How easy would it be to carry out a fully automated inspection? In other words, you place the equipment inside the asset to be assessed, press a button, and off it goes. No operator, no training, and no fuss. Well as of now, you can…

Enter the Zenith: A fully automated inspection solution

Created by Interactive Aerial, the Zenith system stands out from the crowd in a very distinct manner. Designed for easy vertical asset inspection, this remote drop camera system allows for the survey of 500+ feet of vertical space – and is fully automated.

All that’s required from the operator is to input the height and width of the asset and the level of photographic zoom. Press ‘go’, and everything else occurs automatically.

The advantages of full automation are many, such as:

  • A marked reduction in operator workload and associated fatigue
  • Ensures standardised collection of data
  • 100% asset coverage allows for comprehensive historical trend capture
  • Provides a baseline for ‘Go-Back’ functionality

Other major advantages include complete asset coverage, allowing for ‘rolled out’ 2D asset maps or, by utilising software such as Pix4D, the easy creation of a 3D photogrammetry model.

Successful Deployment of the Zenith System

Since its release, the system has proven hugely advantageous in multiple locations. The ease of robotic repeatability allows for successful inspections of every kind of vertical asset. Some examples include:

  • Sphere tanks
  • Wastewater digestors
  • Chemical silos
  • Natural gas shafts
  • Bleaching towers
  • Ventilation shafts
  • Ballast tanks
  • Dry bulk holds

Apart from the simplicity, speed and safety aspects, the Zenith provides over 2 hours of operation, captures high quality 4K data, is robust and easily transportable, boasts secondary payload capability and, very importantly, negates the need for confined space entry.

All of this, and we’re only in the first generation! The Zenith system is an evolving asset, and in the rapidly advancing world of automated inspections, its cutting-edge technology will continue to push the boundaries. Users and operators benefit from the most progressive equipment that not only simplifies tough inspection tasks but gives them that all-important edge over their competitors.

The Zenith System: Just One Example of the Nexxis Advantage

Automated inspections are the future, making it imperative that the choice of equipment provider takes this into account. Ever-evolving, customisable robotic solutions, such as The Zenith, are making a real difference to historically-challenging inspection tasks. The ability to take advantage of such technology as it becomes available is essential. That’s why the unique, dynamic approach provided by Nexxis is so advantageous, providing a procurement model that’s as flexible as an operation’s needs.

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