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Nexxis announced as ‘Hot 30’ innovator by CORE

Nexxis has been inducted into the inaugural 'Hot 30' innovators by CORE Exchange.

Nexxis has been inducted into the inaugural CORE Hot 30 list of top innovators at the CORE Exchange 2020 virtual conference on Thursday.

The Perth-based robotics company were recognised for leading the way in developing inspection and maintenance technology to drive safer and economically efficient solutions in the energy, resources, mining and space sectors.

The ‘Hot 30’ businesses were identified for their ventures that were ripe for growth within the next one to three years, as Nexxis continues to grow its global footprint in the customised robotics space.

Every Nexxis robotic solution is designed at assisting industry to transition towards a safer future by performing confined-space and hazardous inspections so that humans don’t have to.

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Nexxis CEO Jason De Silveira is excited to be nominated alongside so many other innovative SME’s within the Hot 30 list.

“I think this list is a great initiative by CORE to provide a platform that acknowledges the great work everyone is doing within the innovation space,” De Silveira said.

“It’s been a really tough year for everyone, especially small business and innovators but events like this are great to meet and connect with like-minded businesses.”

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CORE National Innovation Hub Manager Renee Hakendorf said the Hot 30 was a veritable list of the nation’s top innovators in developing industries, contributing to the vibrancy of the sector and offering fresh ideas.

“We’ve seen some fantastic ideas come to the fore as part of the Hot 30, and most of the SMEs involved just haven’t put themselves in the spotlight until now,” Ms Hakendorf said.

“They’re starting to stand up and let their innovations speak for themselves, and by joining CORE Exchange 2020, they’ve been able to tell their stories, meet the larger industry organisations and government representatives, and hopefully initiate some collaborations with like-minded potential partners.

“This is their time to celebrate their achievements in a challenging year and make connections to help them build a stronger business in 2021.”

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