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Magnapods: Highly Flexible Inspection Robots

Rapid advances in technology continue to bring ever-improved solutions to the crucial aspect of industrial equipment inspection.

Rapid advances in technology continue to bring ever-improved solutions to the crucial aspect of industrial equipment inspection. Products such as drones and robotic crawlers are already well established and in use on a regular basis to carry out complex inspection tasks in the most difficult to reach areas. Now the latest cutting edge method to facilitate monitoring, repairs and maintenance is that of climbing inspection robots, or Magnapods.

A bespoke robotic solution

There are many advantages of a robot that can climb up and down virtually any surface and access areas inaccessible by humans. Such bespoke products are currently being designed to suit individual consumer requirements and, dependent on needs, can be constructed with a variable number of limbs, and with different methods of adhering to ferrous surfaces. These include powerful magnets and secure suction options.

In addition, the robots have the ability to carry payloads, including sensors, cameras and wireless network nodes. This allows for real-time, easily repeatable monitoring of various complex environments, infrastructures, confined or difficult to reach spaces and those with hazardous atmospheres.


Magnapods offer numerous advantages and are a big step forward in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of NDT inspection equipment. Such a robotic platform is connected to a tether, which provides both power and a datalink, therefore negating the necessity for re-charging. Other benefits include:

  • Extends the capabilities of human operators in hazardous environments
  • Safe, close-range inspection, operated remotely and provides superior inspection of areas inaccessible or hazardous to humans
  • Can be utilised on most surfaces, including those with ledges, pipes, bumps, ledges and other hazards
  • High resolution of inspection of vertical surfaces
  • Reduces the number of confined space workers required for inspection operations
  • The ability to plan outages more precisely, thereby reducing downtime, increasing availability of facilities, and therefore more potential profit

By removing the necessity of humans to enter a potentially hazardous environment for inspection purposes not only has a significantly positive aspect on safety, but the Magnapod solution also provides dramatically superior data collection at a fraction of the logistical costs.

Operational uses

With the technology of such a robotic inspection unit being adaptable for various different environments, the Magnapod is suited for a variety of uses and industries, including:

  • Maritime vehicle inspections, including fuel and ballast tanks
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Mining operations
  • Agriculture
  • The chemical industry
  • Building inspection and infrastructure
  • Inspection of confined space environments
  • Inspections within inert atmospheres

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