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Magneto Inspection Robot

The Magneto platform is a new, leading-edge design, inspection robot being developed in collaboration by Australian companies, Nexxis and Data61 part of CSIRO. With electromagnetic feet and cutting-edge AI that allows it to climb and inspect vertical and complex industrial structures, Magneto is perfect for overcoming complex confined space entry inspections. Magneto’s electromagnetic feet have a high degree of freedom, giving the dexterity current inspection robotics lack and is often required during inspection for a smooth and time efficient inspection of complex geometry and structure.

Magneto incorporates autonomous features that enable complex movements or manipulations through five degrees of freedom while remaining simple to operate. It’s advanced localization and object detection features, allow the Magneto platform to navigate through narrow apertures, adapting its body configuration to maneuverer around gaps in different environments. Magneto represents the next generation of maintenance and inspection robots.

To develop such versatility in climbing we have developed a novel magnetic foot quadruped platform, named Magneto. Magneto is designed specifically to provide enough limb workspace and limb manipulability while reducing the moments due to gravity on the contact points to enable traversing complex 3-D structures and achieving a wide range of body configurations for desired sensor positioning. Specifically, we show the platform’s capability in several challenging scenarios:

  • traversing surfaces at any incline,
  • traversing on narrow beams of various separation,
  • ability to negotiating narrow spaces and
  • ability to switch from locomotion to inspection of confined space voids.

The solution Magneto aims to achieve is the industry-wide goal, of helping minimise risk and increase the safety of the workforce, particularly around confined space entry.

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Overall dimensions (W x H x D)
max: 660 × 600 × 320 mm
min: 370 × 210 × 250 mm


5.53 kg and 5.87 kg inclusive of the tether


7-DOF body


4 legs with electromagnetic feet and cameras on each leg

Footprint of each leg is 40mm the diameter of the cylindrical magnet


Interchangeable camera options

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