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The Use Of Ultrasonic Flow Technology To Perform Energy Audits

TransPort PT878 Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Keeping a lid on energy consumption is a critical success factor for any industrial business.

Electricity accounts for a significant slice of an industrial operation’s costs and given that the cost of electricity has increased sharply in recent years and the upward trend is expected to continue, it’s imperative that wastage is kept to minimum and usage is tightly monitored.

Escalating environmental concerns also amplify the critical need for accurate measurement of energy consumption – and this heightened focus on sustainability puts plant operators under even greater pressure to find workable solutions that ensure optimum energy use.

One solution when it comes to measuring energy consumption is ultrasonic flow technology.  This technology has gained widespread acceptance across many industrial sectors as a reliable and accurate way of conducting energy audits.

To illustrate how this technology can work, let’s take an example of a plant or campus where chilled water moving through pipes is used to cool the various buildings.

Operators could use ultrasonic flow metering devices clamped onto the exterior of the pipes to measure the flow and temperature of the cooled water when it first enters the facility and again when the cooled water leaves the building.  They can then repeat this process at various locations within one facility or at various different buildings – and compare the results to see if there are inconsistencies or unusual patterns in energy consumption.

This energy audit enables management to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and efficiencies and to develop cost-saving initiatives which result in a more energy-efficient, competitive and productive operation.

And on the subject of cost savings, it’s good to know that this ultrasonic flow technology is surprisingly affordable.

For example, GE’s TransPort PT878 flowmeter is a cost-effective, reliable and accurate solution for performing energy audits.   The system is totally self-contained and portable and incorporates a patented correlation transit-time signal processing to enable accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of gas bubbles or entrained solids.

Transducers clamped onto the outside of pipes (be they plastic, metal or concrete-lined) means that flow is measured without any risk of pressure drops, leaks or contamination – making them the ideal solution for short-term flow survey applications.

If you’re interesting in seeing how ultrasonic flow technology for energy audits can help your operation cut costs, reduce waste and maximise your return on investment, you should talk to the professionals at Nexxis.  They are a leading Australian-owned supplier of flow measurement instrumentation and equipment, including the outstanding GE TransPort PT878 flowmeter – and they have all the experience and expertise to develop a cost-effective solution to suit your individual needs.  Their website, has full details about their extensive product range, otherwise please call their experienced team on 08 9418 4952.


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