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See Into The Future Of RVI With Crystal Cam

Big things are afoot for the global non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment market with compounded annual growth for the period 2017 to 2024 projected to increase to 8.1%.

Digital Journal recently reported on a new research report* which projected growth in the market from USD 6.7m in 2016 to over USD 12.3m by 2024.  This growth will be fuelled by heightened demand for remote visual inspection (RVI) in aerospace, stringent safety guidelines, government protocols and growing requirements for safe, reliable, productivity-boosting, cost-effective, innovative and automated equipment solutions.

Industry response for improved performance and safety-orientated equipment has already delivered major evolutionary changes in the way that inspections are carried out, with advanced new products like the Crystal Cam cameras and robotic solutions proving their worth time and again in the field.

If safety, reliability, performance, value, cost-savings and enhanced functionality are among your NDT and RVI objectives, you’ll be interested to find out more about these innovative imaging products.

Designed for confined space inspection, products include the Crystal Cam Diamond HD which incorporates the latest in video and LED technology, offering integrated lights and full HD (1080p) resolution in a surprisingly small package.

As with all Crystal Cam systems, the Diamond works equally effectively in air or underwater and is depth-rated to 300m – so it makes short work of challenging underwater conditions. Using the same technology as the Crystal Cam® Sapphire camera, the Diamond has a wide input voltage range and can be easily integrated with other equipment and devices.

Optional extras like the extendable inspection pole can be used on all Crystal Cam Onyx, Amber, Sapphire or Diamond Cam products.  This pole turns all cameras into telescopic ones, eliminating the need for scaffolding or time-consuming, expensive set-ups and resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced costs.  The carbon fibre pole is lightweight, durable and easy to use and its extendable range of 1.4m to 4.8m makes it easy to look for faults, faults, flaws and corrosion in hard-to-reach areas.

When used in conjunction with the Delta Turnkey Crawler Systems which offer cabling up to 100m in length, the cameras can reach deep into the most inhospitable areas, on land or underwater.   Futuristic technology like the ability of these durable crawlers to change shape as they travel is truly transforming the inspection landscape and you can see some examples of innovation in action at (Crystal Cam Diamond HD push system) or  (Crystal Cam Imaging’s Amber standard definition camera).

To find out how our innovative inspection technologies can solve your RVI and NDT requirements, improve site safety, improve efficiencies and save you money, contact our team of experts on 08 9418 4952 or visit



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