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New Smart Transport Solution For Long Range Robotic Crawler from Nexxis

Versatrax VT300 Crawler Camera

The Versatrax 300™ robotic pipe inspection crawler can travel a remarkable 2,100 metres in a single run, and now thanks to an innovative cargo trailer which transports the unit, it can travel to long-range inspection projects quicker and more efficiently than ever.

Designers at Inuktun in the Canadian office which manufacture the Versatrax 300™ came up with the innovative solution of a modified trailer to speed up mobilisation of the crawler when it was rented out for inspection projects.  The trailer and the robotic crawler are currently only available for rent in North America, but Inuktun has plans to expand availability.

The remotely operated Versatrax 300™ has carved an international reputation as an effective and hard-working solution to long-range pipe inspection challenges because it can travel over two kilometres in a single run.

It’s used around the world in a range of applications including those in remote and unaccommodating locations, such as sub-surface mines, underwater pipelines and hydroelectric penstocks.  The unit was recently utilised at the Mokolo Crocodile bulk raw water transfer systems project in South Africa as well as at a local pulp and paper mill.

Versatrax VT300 Crawler Camera

Renting the Versatrax 300™ is a cost-effective way of accessing the unit’s wide range of features and benefits, which include:

  • Three on-board full colour video cameras
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability
  • Multiple sensor options
  • Versatile and customisable
  • Operable on round pipe or flat surfaces
  • Adjustable to a range of pipe diameters, including those with a diameter as small as 300mm

If you have a long-range pipe inspection challenge and are interested in finding out more about renting the Versatrax 300™, you should contact the expert team at Nexxis.   They are a leading supplier of quality technical equipment and technologies for rent, sale or lease and have the expertise and experience to find affordable solutions to any NDT or inspection need.  In addition to the Versatrax 300™, Nexxis also carries a range of smaller crawler tractor cameras and accessories which provide portable and convenient access to hard-to-reach areas across all industrial and manufacturing applications.  Contact them on 08 9418 4952 or visit to see their full product range to rent, buy or lease.

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