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The New Mentor Visual IQ Long Steer Now Available From Nexxis

Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer

The Mentor Visual iQ is acknowledged as one of the most advanced video borescopes in the world, and with the LongSteer probe for this device now available from Nexxis, the inspection landscape for Australian industry has taken on a whole new complexion.

The LongSteer probe is yet another reason why the Mentor Visual iQ has become the global benchmark for inspection equipment. It is used with the Quick Change probe, which speeds up the inspection process by allowing technicians to identify more indications and collect more data with a single system by interchanging specialised probes of multiple lengths, diameters and tip optics. Custom profiles are also available.

The LongSteer probe provides the same superior image quality, light output and articulation as standard probes and is available in lengths of up to 30m.

This development is big news for Australian industry as it means organisations now have access to the very latest in global inspection technology with all its attendant benefits, plus it strengthens Nexxis’ reputation as one of the country’s leading suppliers of specialist test equipment.

The Mentor Visual iQ has changed the way inspections are carried out in a diversity of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, power generation and general industry. It is faster than ever and its superior image quality and more precise detection make inspections quicker, easier and more accurate – even in the most difficult access areas.

Its range of powerful features include innovative 3D phase measurement, cutting-edge MDI data management and internet connectivity, which all enable fast and precise detection and analysis of visual indications such as corrosion, blockages and cracking. These advancements also allow easy real-time collaboration anywhere in the world – and in today’s global economy, that is a key business advantage.

Let’s look at some of the other advantages of the Mentor Visual iQ video borescope with the LongSteer probe.

Greater mobility

The lightweight construction and ergonomic design of the Mentor Visual iQ enables optimum portability. Weighing just 3kgs (without the case), and with a lithium-ion battery, the device is aircraft compliant and sufficiently compact to be stored in an overhead compartment.

Rugged durability

The device is manufactured to stringent IP55 specifications to withstand the toughest of conditions. This is good news for clients in industries such as oil and gas where the LongSteer probe would be required to perform its valuable inspection task in environmentally challenging environments.

Powerful processing and advanced detection and analysis

On demand 3D Phase Measurement and MDI data management enables plant operators to improve the probability of detection and reduce the chances of unplanned downtime. Improvements include faster navigation, precise cursor placement and an easy-to-use touch screen interface and on-screen typing – with simplified reporting processes and advanced file management.


The device is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, which means users can share information around the job site or around the world in real-time.   Inspectors can work together, share opinions, examine information and make decisions immediately in real time, regardless of geographical or time differences.

These are just some of the features of the powerful and innovative Mentor Visual IQ device which provide an invaluable service to organisations that depend on precise critical inspections in order to keep their equipment and facilities functioning optimally. Optional extras like the new LongSteer probe enable even greater flexibility when it comes to superior, accurate and fast inspections and there’s no doubt that this highly advanced technology is changing the way industries manage their operations.

If you think your business could benefit from a Mentor Visual IQ video borescope or if you want to find out more about the new LongSteer probe now available from Nexxis, please contact our experienced technicians. Browse our website for an in-depth guide to our extensive range of instruments and accessories for remote visual inspections, NDT, test equipment and laser alignment solutions – all of which are available for purchase or for hire.

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