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Everything You Need To Know About Easy Laser

Easy-Laser is acknowledged globally as a leader in precision laser alignment equipment and Nexxis are proud to stock their high-performance products for rental, lease or purchase.

Easy Laser 540

From the Easy-Laser E540 for rotating machinery and the Easy-Laser E710 for aligning wind turbines, gearboxes and generators to the Easy-Laser E180 for aligning sheaves and pulleys – Nexxis has a solution for a wide variety of alignment applications across multiple industries.

Every Easy-Laser product has been designed for ease-of-use without compromising performance or accuracy, giving operators the ability to use the units quickly and easily, speeding up the measuring and aligning process. The Easy-Laser E540 for example only needs to perform three simple steps to measure and align rotating machinery, providing results that are consistently accurate, time after time.

The Easy-Laser range is divided into three main areas; geometric measurement technology, belt alignment and shaft alignment and their products have been specifically designed to meet the differing needs of these various applications. The compact Easy-Laser E420, for example, is a perfect entry-level product for shaft alignment in gearboxes, generators, wind turbines and other machinery, and with built-in Bluetooth technology, it’s simple to use, reliable and fast.

Easy Laser 420

Another example of the versatility offered by Easy-Laser is the Easy-Laser E180, a highly accurate device for aligning machinery to prescribed tolerances. Within a few seconds, the transmitter attaches to one of the sheaves with a magnetic mounting system whilst the detector attaches to the other sheaf. The operator can then make precise adjustments based on the live digital readout with an onboard file management solution that enables results to be saved and documented. The unit can also be used on non-magnetic sheaves.

Easy Laser E180

Another benefit of the product range is that they are designed to be robust and hard-wearing, suitable for even the harshest of environments. Dust and waterproof to class IP65, they are also housed in aluminium and stainless steel to prevent damage and maintain accuracy.

Easy Laser 710

While there are a variety of alignment and measurement options available on the market, Easy-Laser are a standout product for projects that require accuracy and speed.  If you’d like to know more about the Easy-Laser alignment solutions, click on the contact us page and one of our experienced technical staff will be happy to help.

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