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STIX – 4 Probe Weld Scanner

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  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

The Stix – BGG003 is a manual magnetic scanner with a trailing encoder and magnetic wheels. It is designed to translate two Phased Array probes and two Phased Array probes around ferrous piping and vessels. Its simple and functional design allows for minimal adjustments between scan setups.

Contact us to find out more about the Stix 4 Probe Weld Scanner or any of our other Phased Array & ToFD equipment, or request a quote online.



  • Probe Holders: Adjustable to accommodate multiple probe and wedge combinations.
  • Brake system: Locks scanner in required position.
  • Magnetic Wheels: Coated with urethane for smooth rolling. Stackable to allow for increased magnetism.
  • Encoder: Integrated spring loaded encoder is compatible with all standard instruments


  • Stix Frame with 40cm (15.7in) Frame Bar
  • 4 Additional magnetic wheels
  • 2 Slip Joint Phased Array probe holders (Adjustable wedge size)
  • 2 Slip Joint TOFD probe holders (Adjustable wedge size)
  • 2 Long probe holder arm sets
  • Probe holder spare parts kit
  • Irrigation kit
  • 3mm hex tool
  • Rugged carrying case


  • Pipe Range: 4” – Flat
  • Encoder Resolution: 9.05 steps/mm (5V DC TTL encoder compatible with all major UT instruments)
  • Probe Holding Capacity: 2 Phased Array wedges,
  • Umbilical Length: 5m
  • Inspection Surface: Ferrous materials


Clearance:           13.06 cm (5.14 in)

Product Downloads

STIX – 4 Probe Weld Scanner
pdf 5 MB

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