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NAVIC – Base Crawler

Available for:

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  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease

The Navic is a modular, motorized, steerable scanner designed to carry multiple attachments used in various scanning and inspection applications. The remote operated scanning platform is capable of circumferential scans from 70mm (2 3/4”) minimum OD to flat surfaces and longitudinal scans from 305mm (12″) minimum OD to flat. Its joystick-controlled steering allows for smooth and accurate weld tracking.

The modular design of the Navic allows it to carry multiple attachments used for various scanning and inspection applications.


  • Low Profile Design: The Navic requires a radial clearance of 70mm (2.75”) on pipes under 200mm (8”) OD and 81.5 mm (3.2”) on pipes over 200mm (8”) OD, which allows for inspection in limited access applications.
  • Magnetic Wheels: Using rare-earth magnets, the Navic can operate on vertical, horizontal, and inverted surfaces.
  • Steerable Operation: The Navic’s joystick controlled steering allows for smooth and accurate weld tracking on pipes, tanks, and vessels.
  • Scan Versatility: The Navic can facilitate circumferential scans on pipes as small as 70mm (2-3/4”) OD and 610mm (24”) ID, as well as longitudinal scans on pipes as small as 305mm (12″) OD. Scanning of flat surfaces is also possible.
  • Environmental Sealing: Extensive use of re-sealable o-ring gaskets and seals protect against penetration of contaminants into the unit.

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  • Circumferential Pipe Range: 70mm (2 3/4”) minimum OD to flat
  • Longitudinal Pipe Range: 305mm (12”) minimum OD to flat
  • Driving Speed: Variable 0 – 254 mm/sec (0 – 10 in/sec)
  • Supply Power: 85 – 264VAC 45 – 65 Hz 1 phase
  • Crawler Dimensions: Length=8.3” Height=3.2” (4.9″ with handles) Width=10.00” (dual pod crawler only)
  • Crawler Weight: 7.7kg (17.0lbs)
  • System Voltage: 36VDC
  • Environmental Sealing: NEMA 4, IP65
  • Motor Type: Brushless Servo, integral feedback


  • Navic 2 pod scanner
  • Navic Controller
  • Power supply, 36v (85 – 264VAC 45 – 65 Hz 1 phase input)
  • Umbilical (5,10,15 and 30m lengths available)
  • Encoder cable, 5m
  • Navic controller cable, 6m
  • Navic power cable, 3m
  • Scanner installation mat
  • Navic tether assembly
  • Rugged Case


Minimum Circumferential OD: 7 cm (2.75 in)
Minimum Circumferential Clearance : 7 cm (2.75 in)1,4
Minimum Circumferential  ID: 61 cm (24 in)
Minimum Longitudinal  OD: 30.5 cm (12 in)


Base Crawler Height (including handles): 12.5 cm (4.9 in)
Base Crawler Height (handles removed): 8.1 cm (3.2 in)
Base Crawler Width (Dual Pod): 28.2 cm (11.1 in)
Base Crawler Length: 30.8 cm (12.1 in)7
Base Crawler Width (Single Pod): 16.1 cm (6.3 in)
Base Crawler Weight: 7.7 kg (17 lb)8

Navic Dual Pod DimensionsSingle Pod Dimensions


TOFD Probe Holder

Arm Style Width (W) Length (L)
Short 13 mm (0.513 in) – 45 mm (1.772 in) 36.8 mm (1.450 in)

Phased Array Probe Holder

Arm Style Width (W) Length (L)
Standard 13 mm (0.513 in) – 57.6 mm (2.266 in) 48.5 mm (1.910 in)
Long 13 mm (0.513 in) – 55 mm (2.165 in) 65.3 mm (2.570 in)

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