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New Arrival: Extending Our Ultra Long-range Crawler Range

Prepare to be amazed by the latest inclusion to the Nexxis custom robotics rental fleet, limited edition Versatrax 300™ (VT300).

With ultra long-range capability the VT300’s sole purpose is to conduct long-range pipe inspections. With a maximum tether length of 2.13 kilometres, the VT300 will be able to inspect more than two kilometres of pipe in a single run. This helps reduce project downtime by increasing efficiency of the job at hand.

With a vehicle length of 1.6 metres the Versatrax 300™ crawler is one of the largest crawlers in the world. Attached is the Spectrum 120HD™ high definition camera for real time, high definition video streaming, with enhanced zoom capabilities. This helps generate high quality footage.


Additionally, the VT300 can run a profiling laser and comes with a reversing camera making operations of the robot easier. There are also ports for additional cameras that can be added.

Equipped with on board ethernet for sensor integration allowing you to attach to the technological equipment needed. Options for customisable features are available to suit the client’s needs.

Ensuring no limitations, the VT300 is completely marinized and is ready to conduct in-service pipe inspections, in remote or difficult on shore and off shore environments.

Nexxis CEO Jason De Silveira said that Nexxis owns industry leading technology making Nexxis a forefront leader of customised technical equipment solutions.

‘’Nexxis owns the only Versatrax 300 crawler in the world and is providing this exclusive robotic technology to the market,’’ he said.

The VT300 has been used globally with multiple successful campaigns. If the Versatrax 300™ interests you, please contact Nexxis now and find out more about our flexible and solutions-driven approach.

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