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Spectrum 120 HD PTZ Camera – SP120 HD

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  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

The Spectrum 120HD pan, tilt and zoom camera (PTZ camera) provides crystal clear video in air or underwater. It packs a High Definition (HD), 2MP imager (1080i resolution) with 120x zoom in a robust package only 4.75in / 120mm diameter.

The standard camera includes marine-grade aluminum parts and built-in, high intensity LED lights.

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  • Diameter 4.75in / 121mm
  • Depth Rating 100ft / 30m Weight 9.5lbs / 4.3kgs
  • Length 16in / 405mm


  • Material Aluminium (Stainless steel option)
  • Imager Sony FCB-H11
  • Sensitivity 12 lux
  • Resolution 1080i
  • Zoom 120x (10x Optical, 12x Digital)
  • Focus Auto or Manual
  • Output Signal/Format 1080i/Component Video (YPbPr)
  • Lights 4x high intensity LED modules


  • Active Controls
  • Pan, tilt, zoom, focus, lights and exposure
  • Pan 360 deg continuous
  • Tilt 280 deg
  • Horizontal FOV 50.8 deg in air (wide)
  • Lights Variable intensity


  • Municipal pipe inspection
  • Toxic environment, confined space or underwater
  • Reactor vessel inspection
  • Foreign object search and retrieval Dam and lock inspection
  • Robotics and remote tooling
  • Underwater surveillance for operations or security


  • Clear, High Definition 1080i video
  • Durable, high intensity LED lighting
  • Lightweight construction
  • Permanent or mobile construction Depth rated to 100ft / 30m
  • Continuous 360 degree pan
  • Built-in inclinometer

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