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Crystal Cam Amber

Available for:

  • Buy Outright
  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

The rugged, high performance Crystal Cam® Amber a unique micro video camera that is compact, lightweight and readily affordable. With built-in LED lighting and high resolutions, low lux camera, the Crystal Cam® Amber is very effective in low light environments. The camera head is completely encased in transparent epoxy, making it virtually indestructible


Internal inspecton of pipes

Tank and well inspectons

Confined space inspectons

Drop camera

Underwater surveillance

Wet weather surveillance

Operator visuals for monitoring equipment and machinery


Pre-dive inspections

Contact us to find out more about the Crystal Cam Amber or any of our other push rod cameras or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.


  • Length: 50mm (2 inches)
  • Diameter: 37.5mm (1.5 inches)
  • Camera weight: 0.12kg (0.264lbs)
  • Depth rated to 300m (1 000 feet)
  • Heat and chemical resistance
  • Can withstand temperatures from 00 – 500C (320 – 1220F)
  • 3.6mm camera lens and ¼ inch CCD image sensor
  • High resolution, low lux camera (400 TV lines resolution)
  • 12 built-in high intensity LED lights with up to 50 000 hours usage
  • 12 VDC power system (AC adaptor included)
  • Optional battery pack for remote operation
  • Membrane and keyboard interface
  • Interchangeable tether lengths up to 300m (1000 feet)

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