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Delta Extreme Crawler

Available for:

  • Buy Outright
  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

Designed to excel in challenging environments, the Delta Extreme is exceptionally portable – the entire system can fit into a backpack and be deployed and operated by a single person.

Although small in size, the vehicle is capable of navigating through tight spaces, over objects and around obstacles due to its shape changing capabilities.

Common applications for the Delta Extreme include pipe infrastructure inspection, tank and tunnel surveillance, underwater inspection, and Search and Rescue (SAR).

The Delta Extreme is an intuitive, remotely operated robotic system designed for inspection and reconnaissance missions inside of confined spaces and hazardous environments.

Typical applications include search and rescue, duct inspection, culvert inspection and remote monitoring in nuclear power plants. Specially designed track belts provide optimal traction performance in a wide variety of environments, including sandy and muddy conditions. And, with the optional LCD monitor, recorder and battery pack, you can take the Delta Extreme robot anywhere you need to go.

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Speed Up to 90′ / 27m per minute
Track belts Plastic, high traction
Chassis Material Anodized aluminum

Tether Cable

30m / 100′ (up to 90m / 300′ optional)
Multi-conductor, abrasion resistant
Polyurethane jacket
Weight 14lbs / 6.2kg
Dimensions (lowered):
11″W x 17″L x 6″H (28 x 43 x 15cm)
Dimensions (raised):
11″W x 11″L x 13.5″H (28 x 28 x 34cm)


Type Colour ¼” EX VIEW CCD
Sensitivity < 1.5 LUX
Resolution 460 TV lines
Focus Auto and manual
Exposure Auto
Zoom 10X optical / 4X digital

Auxiliary Lighting

Type High efficiency LED
Intensity Variable intensity

Operating Environment

Temp 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Depth Rating 100′ / 30m
(with bidirectional audio, 33′ / 10m )

Control System

110-240 Vac and 48 Vdc
2hr Battery Pack
Proportional joystick, membrane panel
Variable joystick
USB compatible control

Bidirectional audio (two-way, full duplex)
Digital video recorder (DVR)
Helios® video enhancement system
Vehicle raise-position feedback
Camera tilt feedback

Product Downloads

CC Delta Extreme Spec Sheet - 17
pdf 3 MB

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