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The Right Camera for the Job

We often get asked the question; What camera do I use for my project?

MSE 300 Push Rod Camera

Of course the answer is different for almost every project and we believe that the best way to determine your equipment solution, is to approach it in two steps:

  • What camera do I need?
  • What cable or probe length do I need?

When we’re talking about Remote Visual Inspection, more often than not, the material or asset that needs to be viewed will be a significant distance from the inspector.  For that reason, the equipment selection can be determined by asking the following questions:

Selecting the camera:

  • Access Size: How big or small is the area you’re trying to access?
  • Lighting Needed: Will inbuilt or external lighting be required?
  • Zoom, Pan & Tilt Ability: How close can you get to the area you need to view and does your camera need to pan, tilt or zoom?
  • Environment: Will your equipment be subjected to dust, caustic material, impact or water?  You may need a more durable or waterproof solution.
  • Camera Body: Will your camera be in a caustic environment?  Stainless Steel may be required.

Versatrax Robotic Crawlers

Selecting the cable or probe length:

Now that you’ve determined a camera suited to your access, lighting and environment, it’s time to ask the following questions to determine your cable requirements.

  • Distance: How far do you have to go to reach the area you need to view?
  • Cable Reel: Will you require a Cable Reel?  If so, Patch cable must be used to connect the reel.
  • Navigation:  Are there any bends your camera will need to navigate?  If so, you’ll require a specific type of cable system.
  • Environment: Just like the camera, the cable must be protected from water, dust or caustic environments.  Waterproof cables are recommended for most applications.

When all of these questions are answered, it quickly becomes clear what equipment will best suit your needs.  The Operations Specialists at Nexxis are here to help if this is the first time you’ve approached NDT or RVI, and our goal is to custom-fit the product to your project in the most cost-effective way.

Whether you need a Video Borescope like the Mentor IQ, a Push Rod Camera System like the MSE 300 or a Robotic Crawler to access pipes, our product range and accessories can be custom built to meet your needs.

Ca-Zoom PTZ 140 Camera


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