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The Advantages Of Underwater Cameras For Water Treatment Plants

As populations increase and natural resources diminish, the role of wastewater treatment plants is beginning to change.

Advanced treatment processes are producing important recycled products such as recycled water, biosolids and biogas which can all be used for recreational grounds, urban forests and wetlands or in horticulture and industry.   Also, some of our drinking water comes from unprotected catchments and is fully treated at water treatment plants where impurities are removed before the water is disinfected.

For example, the Water Corporation in West Australia takes away almost 450 million litres of wastewater a day to over 100 wastewater treatment plants across the state.  Here, the wastewater undergoes a series of rigorous treatment processes which make it safe to recycle or re-introduction to the environment.

It goes without saying that the collection, treatment and disposal of this wastewater are crucially important in protecting your health and our environment – so how do the water treatment plant operators know what’s really going on deep inside the many tanks and pipes?  How do they trust that their systems are failsafe?

There are rigorous and regulated systems for inspecting the infrastructure which ensures the structural integrity of the plant is never compromised and that the structures and the processes operate to the highest quality and safety standards at all times.  There are so many checks and balances that it is impossible for treated water to be unsafe.

However, many of the areas of the plants that require inspection and testing are inaccessible.  Enclosed spaces, narrow pipes and underwater infrastructure make it unsafe – and often impossible – for a human to physically carry out an inspection and that’s where underwater cameras, submersible remote operated vehicles (ROVs), crawler tractor cameras and pipe crawlers step in.

These devices are built tough to withstand harsh and dangerous environments, yet are so technologically advanced that they can deliver crystal clear images even on vertical and inverted surfaces, underwater and in the darkest, tiniest of spaces.  Frequent inspections ensure that any defects, cracks, leaks or other damage are located and fixed quickly before they become major issues.

From reservoirs to pipes, pump wells, filtration and chlorination sections to storage tanks and distribution facilities, there are many areas of water treatment plants where a range of robotic crawlers, tractors and underwater cameras are used to provide critical information as to the status of the plant.

For example, the miniature Versatrax 100™ is ideal for inspecting ultra-small diameters whilst the sophisticated MaggUT™ is best for precise measurements on vertical and inverted surfaces.  The solid and efficient steerable crawler camera, the Riezler FWL150 is built specifically to inspect pipelines, tanks, voids, conduits and cavities in harsh environments.   It is capable of travelling up to 120m via the manual cable reel and is useable for bends up to 45° / DN 200mm, making it ideal for tricky underwater pipe inspections in water treatment plants.

These are just a couple of examples of the many high quality and versatile underwater cameras available for inspections in water treatment plants.  The advantages that these cameras are many and varied, and include:

  • Robust, waterproof construction
  • Crystal-clear high-resolution video or still images
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Portability
  • Excellent manoeuvrability around tight bends, enclosed spaces and inverted surfaces
  • Cost-effective
  • Remove risk to the operator’s personal safety
  • Operator-friendly data collation
  • Advanced digital connectivity

Our experienced team will be able to advise you on exactly what product is best suited for each stage of your water treatment process.  We understand that the different components of the plant require a different approach and we’re able to customise a flexible solution that meets your operational and your financial goals.

Contact us through our website, where you can view our extensive range of remote underwater cameras and other world-class technical equipment for hire, short-term lease or rent-to-own or phone us on 08 9418 4952 for an obligation-free chat with a technical equipment expert.


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