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Six Things You Should Know About Laser Alignment

Laser alignment technology has been around for some time, but you may still be surprised at the scale and scope of the benefits that these systems deliver.

Here are six significant things about using laser alignment for machinery in a manufacturing or industrial operation:

  1. Laser alignment will reduce equipment breakdown

The repercussions from operating machinery that is improperly aligned are enormous – yet studies have shown that up to 90% of all rotating machinery runs outside of the manufacturer’s recommended alignment tolerances.   Some of the problems resulting from misalignment include excessive vibration and premature wear of bearings, seals and couplings which in turn lead to unplanned and costly equipment breakdowns.   A laser alignment system will ensure that the machinery is within the original OEM tolerances and will prevent expensive and unnecessary downtime and lost production time.

  1. Laser alignment will save you time and money

The bottom-line is always front and centre of any business, so there’s every reason to implement systems that deliver financial benefits.  Laser alignment systems do just that by reducing your energy costs, optimising equipment usage, minimising unnecessary wear and tear and downtime, keeping equipment running at full capacity for longer, improving production quality and reducing raw material waste.   Another important money saving benefit is the reduced likelihood of costly re-runs and project errors caused by misaligned machinery.

  1. Laser alignment can improve customer relationships

When your machinery is correctly aligned, you will be able to predict your production times accurately and produce higher quality parts faster and more consistently.  This increased production quality enables you to meet your customers’ delivery and quality expectations, thereby strengthening your relationships and enhancing your reputation as a stable, reliable supplier.

  1. A laser alignment system is an environmentally friendly choice

Misaligned machinery comes at a cost to the environment.  Excess energy consumption (correctly aligned machines can save up to 15% or more in energy consumption) , potentially hazardous fluid leaks, unnecessary consumption of raw materials and premature replacement of parts (misalignment can reduce the lifespan of mechanical seals by up to 70%) and the disposal of worn parts all have an impact on the environment, so it makes sense to use a laser alignment tool which can turn all those negatives into positives.

  1. Laser alignment systems can improve your workplace

Did you know that misaligned machinery can compromise your workplace occupational health and safety?   Damaged or worn parts as a result of misalignment can result in fluid leakage which can pose a safety hazard, plus there’s the issue of excessive noise levels from the increased vibrations.  A laser alignment system can improve your working environment which has a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction.

  1. Laser alignment systems are versatile

Laser alignment systems can be used for both measurement and alignment in a multitude of different applications across a diversity of industries – which means they are an extremely versatile and flexible asset to any operation.

 If you’d like to explore these benefits further and discuss how laser alignment technology can help your operation improve on a range of things from productivity and workplace safety to production efficiencies and cost savings, come at talk to the experts at Nexxis.  We have experienced field-trained consultants who will work out a flexible measurement and alignment equipment solution that will optimise your machinery and meet your operation’s unique and changing needs – so call us on 08 9418 4952 or visit to see our full range of world-leading laser alignment tools.


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