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Wavemaker® G4 Mini Full

The latest Wavemaker® G4 Mini offers all of the traditional Wavemaker® features and some new ones in a small (22 x 30 x 13cm) and lightweight (4.5 kg) package.
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This fully-loaded instrument is capable of working with all of the pipe and tube transduction systems produced by GUL. It is suitable for both the lower frequencies that are used for buried and coated pipes and the higher frequencies that are used with HD rings for support inspection and higher sensitivity to pitting. With one button press, the instrument can be placed into gPIMS Collector mode to allow a minimally trained operator to collect repeat data from a permanently installed gPIMS sensor.

The instrument contains 16 channels; therefore you will need a pair of channel reducers when joining EFC or HD inflatable rings together to collect data on very large diameter pipes.

Lightweight 4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs
High Speed Data Acquisition
16 Data Channels
On-Board Diagnostics Channel
7” LCD Touch Screen
Extended Frequency Range
Battery Operation
Operator Identification
Built-In GPS


  • Laptop computer with pre-installed WavePro™
  • Wide range of LEMO cables
  • EFC Processing Licence
  • Absolute Calibration Software
  • Ethernet Adaptor Cable (for LAN connection)
  • In-car charger
  • Warranty Extension Options

Contact us to find out more about the Wavemaker® G4 Mini Full range of products or any of our other ultrasonic testing equipment, or request a quote online.

Designed forAll pipe and tube applications
DimensionsApprox. 22 x 30 x 13cm
Weight (approx.)4.4 kg
Transmitter Frequency Range7 to 150kHz
Max output drive voltage400Vpp
Max rep-rate20 Hz
Convertor sampling frequency100 to 500kHz
Receiving gain range10 to 90 dB
Analog Band PAss Filter Range (Variable)7 to 150kHz
Max sample range400m
Max number of averages256
Battery type (Removable)6.6 Ah, 14.8V Li-Ion
Typical battery lifeAt least 150 standard tests
External power supply to charge instrument18-20 VDC (60W min)
Number of transducer channels16
Screen7inch colour LCD touchscreen (800×480 pixels)
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP to Windows 7

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