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SonoDur Manual Measurement Probes

For reliable, hand-held hardness testing

Our manual measurement probes are available with test forces 10N, 50N and 100N. They are ideal for general, hand-held testing procedures in the fields of production and maintenance.

Manual measurement probes have been designed for daily use and will help you quickly achieve reliable results when manually measuring without guidance aids or stands. Manual measurement probes (standard test forces: 10N, 30N, 50N, 100N – other test forces on request) are the perfect solution for rapid measurements at a variety of measurement points. The material’s hardness is tested using the UCI method.

Our manual measurement probes can be used with the mobile hardness testing device SonoDur2 as well as the SonoDur-R ‘Rack’. They can be adapted to most devices using a standard USB interface.

Precision manual measurement probes

All UCI measurement probes are characterised by high precision and can provide stable and informative measurements over a long period of time. The measurement system encompasses the entire hardness range of the traditional Vickers scale. Manual measurement probes are suited to measuring metal, industrial ceramic and, with certain restrictions, also highly heterogeneous materials, such as cast iron (spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG50)

Long version for difficult measurement positions

The extended version of the probe is available with test forces of 10N and 50N. Its applications include difficult measurement positions and material geometries such as at the base of gear teeth and similar.

Product facts:

  • Robust mechanical construction, stainless steel housing suited to daily use. Long-term stability thanks to its special design.
  • Stable, reproducible measurement values, even without guidance aids.
  • There is only minor scattering of measurement values which remains constant even in the case of high hardness levels.
  • Fully adjustable to almost all technical materials. The CAL number was designed to automatically compensate for the e-module
  • State of the art signal processing within the probe which links via a standard USB interface to the display unit – making it universally compatible with most devices.
  • Highly flexible probe to display unit cable, custom lengths possible.
  • Low service costs thanks to a modular construction and replaceable Vickers diamonds in the event of repairs.
  • Reliable storage of calibration values

Areas of application:

  • For everyday use
  • General, hand-held hardness testing in the fields of production, maintenance, repairs and laboratory testing
  • Can be used with SonoDur2 and SonoDur-R as well as many other systems

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Product Downloads

Standard manual measurement probes:

order number: 11101
Manual measurement probe 10N (1 kgf), standard version
order number: 11115
Manual measurement probe 30N (3 kgf), standard version
order number: 11102
Manual measurement probe 49N (5 kgf), standard version
order number: 11103
Manual measurement probe 98N (10 kgf), standard version
order number: 11104
Manual measurement probe 10N (1 kgf), long version
order number: 11116
Manual measurement probe 30 N (3 kgf), long version
order number: 11105
Manual measurement probe 49N (5 kgf), long version

Special manual measurement probes

order number: 11112
Manual measurement probe 10N (1 kgf), special version with extra thin probe 1.7mm
order number: 11111
Manual measurement probe 49N (5 kgf), special version with extra thin probe 1.7mm
order number: 11113
Manual measurement probe 10N (1 kgf), long version with extra thin probe 1.7mm
order number: 11114
Manual measurement probe 49N (5 kgf), long version with extra thin probe 1.7mm
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