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SG NDT Array Probes

Probes adapted to your realistic needs
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The Shape Probe

Figure 1- The Shape probe is a multipurpose surface probe that can adapt to different inspection geometries. Thanks to its doubled sensibility, it allows the detection of cracks in all directions in one sweep. It can inspect a large variety of materials, such as carbon steel, duplex, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. Defects as small as 1mm can be reliably detected. With its integrated electronic multiplexor and pancake coils, the Shape Probe possesses unparalleled sensitivity.

Our team’s innovative design also allows for a quick replacement of the flexible sensitive part in case of breaks, with a simple plug-and-play connector. This considerably reduces running costs.

Its standard 41 pin Amphenol connector makes it a versatile choice, compatible with several instruments.

NFA Probe

Figure 2- The Near Field Array probe can carry 32 coils and an absolute channel for an easy detection of corrosion levels in the tube. The multiplexor is set up inside the probe near the coils, which allows it to guide them to their full speed potential for an inspection speed of 12 in/s (3000 mm/s).

TECM Probe

Figure 3- An array probe for the inspection of steam generators in nuclear centrals, VVER 900, VVER 1000 and the inspection of collectors.

The Wave Probe 

Figure 4 & 5- The WAVEs, our most recent ARRAY probes, are designed to inspect difficult to reach welds. They are available in two configurations, either 90 or 180 degrees, with an ergonomic handle.



Data you can rely on

  • The 180 probe possesses 16 coils, divided into two rows.
  • The 090 probe possesses 12 coils, divided into two rows.
  • Both models include an integrated encoder.
  • Both models tested extensively in our R&D labs as well as on site, concluding in exceptional performance.
  • Both models are compatible with all of our inspection instruments, the S2G2-WS and the µS2G2-ARRAY.
  • Probe data can be acquired and analysed easily with our Emma software.

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