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ROTIX – 4 Probe Weld Scanner w PPS

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Rotix – 4 Probe Weld Scanner w/ PPS

The Rotix – CEG011 is a manual chain scanner designed to provide encoded probe position of two Phased Array probes circumstantially around tubes and pipes. Urethane wheels built into the chain links provide smooth constant rolling when scanning. The Rotix chain can be adapted from 1.5 in. – 38 in. OD using multiple combinations of short and long links.

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  • Adjustable Chain: 1.50″ – 38.0” diameter.
  • Probe Positioning System: Center probes over the weld without removing the scanner.
  • Probe Holders: Adjustable to accommodate multiple probe and wedge combinations.
  • Wheels: Coated with urethane to reduce slippage and the effects of rolling over foreign debris.
  • Brake system: Locks scanner in required position.
  • Umbilical: The modular and removable umbilical, can be used for one axis and two axis scans.
  • Encoder: Integrated encoder is compatible with all standard instruments.
  • Environmental Seal: O-ring gaskets and seals protect internal components from contaminants.


  • Pipe Range: 1.50” – 38.0”
  • Encoder Resolution: 19.2 steps/mm (5V DC TTL encoder compatible with all major UT instruments)
  • Probe Holding Capacity: 2 Phased Array Wedges
  • Umbilical Length: 5m
  • Inspection Surface: Ferrous or Non-Ferrous materials


Clearance: 10.2 cm (4 in)

Rotix Cart Dimensions


TOFD Probe Holder

Arm Style Width (W) Length (L)
Short 13 mm (0.513 in) – 45 mm (1.772 in) 36.8 mm (1.450 in)

Phased Array Probe Holder

Arm Style Width (W) Length (L)
Standard 13 mm (0.513 in) – 57.6 mm (2.266 in) 48.5 mm (1.910 in)
Long 13 mm (0.513 in) – 55 mm (2.165 in) 65.3 mm (2.570 in)

Product Downloads

Nexxis - CE0106-Rotix_User_Manual
pdf 7 MB

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