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The RMIS crawler is a low cost inspection system that offers state of the art technology, at affordable rates and without compromised quality or features. A team of highly qualified and experienced mechanical, electronic, electrical, mechatronic and software engineers designed the system to be a best-in-class crawler. The system is configurable for various applications and can be fitted with an array of sensory equipment to enable any data acquisition and meet the specific inspection requirements. The equipment has been tried and tested in the harshest environments, including underground mines & pipelines.

RMIS Key Features

High quality build and materials
Innovative technologies and engineering
Configurable to customer requirements
Designed and manufactured in South Africa


Pipeline & confined space inspections
Mine shaft and tunnel inspections
Oil rig riser and other vertical inspections
Autonomous surveillance for security and military

Contact us to find out more about the RMIS Mini (4×4) or any of our other robotic crawlers and tractors, or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.


Power 120-240 Vac, 60 Hz
Capability Pipelines 150mm to 360 (6’’ to 14’’ ) dia
Range Wireless Up to 1000m/3280ft
Wireless Repeaters Quantity Dependant On Pipe Geometry and Material
Range Tethered 500m/1640ft
Operational Angle 40 degrees
Operation Battery or Tethered
CAMERA (HD Also Available)
imager color 1/3” CCD
Resolution 720 × 576 Pixels
Zoom Lens 36 × optical
Pressure Rating 30m/3bar (98ft/43psi)
Features Auto Shutter, Auto/Manual Focus
Illumination Dimmable 10-LED array
Articulation ±180 Deg Tilt, ±180 Deg Pan
Measurement Computer Vision/Lidar/Sonar
Sensing Temperature/Pressure/Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Size 45 ×50 × 90mm (1.77” × 1.96” × 3.54”)
Weight 163g (0.36lb)
Materials Aluminum
Wheels and Motors 4
Camera Color Rear-View With Tri-LED Lamp
Sensors Pitch/Roll/Yaw/Heading/Compass/Temperature/Pressure
Sensors/Additional Gyro/Accelerometers/Barometer
Pressure Rating 30m/3bar (98ft/43psi)
Body Size (Excluding Suspension) 983 x 130 x 120mm
Weight 20kg (45lb)
Weight Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Controller Industrial Joystick/Mouse/Keyboard/Wireless Xbox Controlle
Controls Lights/PTZ/Crawler Speed and Directio
Video Capture (Configurable) MPEG-4 (H.256)
Image Capture JPEG/PNG/BMP
Storage Local Hard Drive/External Hard Drive
Connectivity Ethernet
Control Ryonic Inspection Suite
Reporting Ryonic Inspection Suite

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The RMIS MAXI (16x16 Drive) with its 8 Leg X configuration ensures ultimate grip for horizontal or vertical applications. Ideal for medium to long range runs in medium to large diameter pipelines in wireless or tethered configurations.

The Riezler FWL100 is an extremely solid and efficient steerable crawler suitable for pipe inspection from 100mm.

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