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Crab Crawler – Vertical pipe inspections

Available for:

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  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

The CRAB-ROBOT is suitable for pipelines with diameters ranging from about 50 mm to 1000 mm and a length of up to approx.200 m.
The length of the cables depends on the diameter or the size of the robot, on the internal surfaces of the pipelines and on the number of pipe
bends to be passed. Pipe bends of 1,5 x D, changes in the pipe’s cross section, slight deformations or sagging weld seams will be negotiated without any problems. Even pipelines branching off on the sides can be passed safely, without the spring loaded drive arms getting off course or blocked.

The CRAB-ROBOT consists largely of a drive unit and different video heads, the latter being either permanently fixed in the drive module or easily exchangeable by a plug-in coupling system. Each module is equipped with 6 spring-loaded drive units. Powerful miniature motors with combined planetary transmissions, 32 radial ball bearings and 12 wheels with a specific rubber coating will ensure maximum traction and thus the safe passage inside the pipelines, even if they have rough or smooth surfaces. The six drive arms which are individually spring-loaded will ensure that the device is precisely located in the centre of the pipe and that uneven surfaces as well as minor changes in the cross section can be automatically negotiated.

Depending on the actual application, the CRAB-ROBOT can also be equipped with different video heads for direct viewing or with Pan&Tilt camera modules. A high-resolution 1/3″ CCD miniature colour sensor (optionally with fixed or remote focus) will ensure the transmission of sharp video images in superior colour fidelity.




CRX-230/300 Ø230-300mm
CRX-300/400 Ø300-400mm
CRX-400/500 Ø400-500mm
CRX-500/650 Ø500-650mm
CRX-600/750 Ø600-750mm

Camera PTZ-80RF

Technical specifications:

  • Image-sensor 1/4″ SONY Super HAD CCD
  • TV lines 480 TVL
  • Pixels 438.000
  • Minimum illumination 2,5 Lux/F2,2
  • Focus Remote-Focus
  • Lens 4,2- 42 (10xZoom)
  • Ligthing system 10×4 (40) High intensity LED
  • Diameter 80mm
  • Shank diameter 40mm
  • Length 190mm
  • Weight 0,65 kg
  • Rotation 360° endless
  • Swivel 2×100°
  • Operating temperature -10°C – +50°C

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Product ID Versatrax Vertical Crawler

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