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Versatrax Vertical Crawler

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Versatrax Vertical Crawler

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The Versatrax Vertical CrawlerTM from Inuktun offers an extremely versatile and durable solution for inspecting pipes of varying diameters in just about any orientation.

Thanks to its robust construction from marine grade anodized aluminium and stainless steel, the Vertical CrawlerTM is suitable for underwater applications and fully submersible to 30m.

Flexibility of movement comes from the machine’s three powerful and independently controlled MicrotracsTM and its expandable tripod chassis – which enable it to negotiate difficult bends and elevations with ease.  As its name suggests, vertical inspections are no problem and the Vertical CrawlerTM can cover distances up to 183m.

The remote control system, powered by a 600W motor (or .75Kw generator), is user-friendly yet highly sophisticated.  Real time sensors indicate pipe size and expansion force, allowing the operator to remotely adapt the equipment to handle varying pipe diameters when required.

The onboard Spectrum 45TM can tilt or pan as required and delivers high-quality footage.  A comprehensive function menu for the video overlay enables the date, time and tether distance to be inserted as well as text comments.  The manual focus camera with its colour ¼ inch CMOS sensor and 420 TV Lines (vertical) high resolution is supported by bright LED lights for optimum results.

A rear-facing Mini Crystal CamTM, colour LCD monitors and a Digital Video Record (DVR) HeliosTM real-time video image enhancement system are all available as optional extras.

Ease of operation is another key benefit of Inuktun’s crawler system.  The operator simply uses familiar joystick controls to remotely direct the speed, direction and expansion of the equipment, using the remote sensors to send alerts when the pipe diameters change.

Whether you need a robotic inspection system for your seawater pipes or for your inclined risers in your oil refinery, you’ll have the peace-of-mind that the Versatrax Vertical CrawlerTM will have every section of pipe covered in just about any industry – even under water.

Contact us to find out more about the Versatrax Vertical CrawlerTM or any of our other robotic crawlers and tractors, or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.


  • Durable and versatile remote pipe inspection system
  • Fully submersible and depth-rated to 30m
  • Can navigate multiple bends and vertical pipe segments
  • Suitable for a variety of pipe diameters (203 – 254mm) in virtually any orientation
  • Optional increase in pipe diameter up to 457mm
  • Temperature rated from 0-500C
  • Tether length: 183m
  • Speed: 10m per minute
  • High resolution Spectrum 45TM video camera with pan and tilt functions
  • Easy to use joystick and keyboard control (including cruise control)
  • Real-time sensors to indicate pipe size and expansion force
  • Six high intensity auxiliary LED lights

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