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FLIR GF620 Gas Camera

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The FLIR GF620 is the first high-resolution, handheld camera from FLIR to detect methane and other volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. With its ground-breaking 640 x 480 resolution IR detector, inspectors can check thousands of components and safely scan for gases from greater distances. It’s also the first FLIR OGI camera to offer Quantification mode (Q-Mode) for streamlined set-up of the optional QL320 gas quantification system.

See smaller leaks using the same optics and distances as earlier models, thanks to a 4x increase in pixels within the field of view. Measure temperature up to 350°C with ±1°C accuracy so you can ensure optimal contrast, or improve detection with High Sensitivity Mode (HSM). Reduce emissions and avoid regulatory fines by pinpointing the exact source of emissions and quantifying losses with Q-mode and the optional QL320 system.

Calibrated to Measure Temperature
Temperature measurement is critical to improving thermal contrast during inspections, to ensure optimal Delta T between gases and the background.

Designed for All-Day Use
Inspect longer with less fatigue thanks to comfort-driven features: the tiltable eyepiece, adjustable LCD screen, and rotating handgrip

Rugged and Reliable
With its rugged silicone exterior and drop-tested magnesium frame, the GF620 can easily withstand your tough work environment

Improves Detection
Noise-reduction filtering and High Sensitivity Mode (HSM)—which accentuates plume movement—make even the smallest leaks easier to see.

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Detector Type
FLIR indium antimonide (InSb)
Dynamic Range
Focal Length
38 mm (1.49 in.)
IR Resolution
640 × 480 pixels
Standard, 1/4″-20
Spectral Range
3.2 – 3.4 µm
1-8x continuous digital zoom

Product Downloads

FLIR GF620 Spec Sheet
pdf 513 KB

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