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Diverse MF300F+ Ferrite Meter

The MF300F+ is one of the most popular magnetic meters from the impressive range, with innovative magnetic design, whilst being lightweight and durable.
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The MF300F+ is one of the most popular magnetic meters from the impressive diverse range. This slimline probe features an innovative magnetic design that allows exceptional coupling to the measurement sample, providing remarkable sensitivity to a small, well defined volume and response over the full range of ferrite samples.

The MF300F+ is lightweight yet durable, offering excellent portability even in the most difficult environments. For added protection, the unit comes fully equipped with a rugged carry case.

The system utilises state of the art software that supports calibration over the whole range of secondary ferrite sample held by the TWI. Transfer samples are supplied with a range of FN allowing easy user verification of the calibration.

Connecting the unit to a PC is simple by way of RS232 or USB connections, allowing you to download the full details of the measurement log for later analysis and backup. The standard instrument allows storage of up to 52 measurements.

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  • Ferrite testing range – 0.1 to 115FN equivalent to 0.1 to 83% Fe in austenitic and duplex steel
  • Standard or peak measurement of Ferrite Number
  • Estimate of ferrite percentage (70% of FN)
  • Automatic zero on demand
  • 5 transfer standards allows veracity of instrument to be checked
  • Storage capacity for 52 measurements
  • Units selectable between WRC-FN and %Fe
  • Calibration with standards traceable to TWI secondary standards
  • Air-cooled option allows Ferrite measurement of hot sample.
  • RS232/USB connectivity

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