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Nexxis set to leverage off innovation grant to support autonomous operations

Nexxis has been awarded the Innovation Vouchers Program (IVP) from the State Government for its software development.

Nexxis has been awarded the Innovation Vouchers Program (IVP) from the State Government for its software development that will interface with a robotic arm to improve autonomous operations, testing and safety in Search and rescue, mining, offshore oil and gas and industrial applications.

The development of the advanced software is leveraging the collaboration agreement with BluePrint Lab’s subsea arm, which will allow human inspectors operating robotic systems carrying tooling and sensors the ability to perform complex tasks remotely and autonomously while removing the need for confined space entry.

CEO Jason De Silveira believes dexterity is the answer to solving complex tasks and is the future of robotics.

“The device can be put into a hazardous location and take action, from picking something up to following complex geometry using AI, the key here is it removes the risk for human entry into hazardous areas,” De Silveira said.

CEO Jason De Silveira explaining the importance of achieving dexterity with Remote Visual Inspections to Minister for Innovation and ICT Hon. David Kelly MLA.

The development of the technology is part of Nexxis’ Robotics Road Map that will transform the inspection and maintenance industry in years to come.

Nexxis is confident that bringing this innovative technology into the field of remote visual inspections robotics will greatly advance what is currently being performed across multiple sectors, as industries increase their implementation of inspection and maintenance robotic platforms.

The IVP, which is part of the $16.7 million New Industries Fund, rewards exceptional Western Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that have developed innovative products, technologies or services.


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