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How to Improve Your Laser Realignment Results With Effective Pre-Alignment

We all know how important effective machine alignment is, and how laser alignment helps maintain your machine alignment with more accuracy and reliability than any other alignment system. Sometimes however, the alignment results you get might not be what you were expecting. Often this is a minor and easy fix problem that can be quickly solved with a thorough pre-alignment visual check before you start to actually adjust the alignment of your machine.

This quick process pre-alignment visual check finds any problems before you start to align and allows you to get a more precise alignment.

7 Step Visual Inspection Checklist for Effective Pre-Alignment

  1. Check the base plates are secure and the foundation is stable.
  2. Clean the foundation of all debris, looking for the typical suspects like oil or metal shavings.
  3. Ensure there’s no sign of a crumbling foundation. You can check for flatness and twist on the foundations and frames using your laser system.
  4. Look for oil leaks and/or any other kind of leaks
  5. Check for worn or broken parts inside and out. Look over the coupling for any wear or looseness. Examine shafts and belts for wear. Look for cracks in the machine feet and any wear on the machine casings.
  6. Look over other exterior elements like conduit, pipe or ductwork strain and identify any wear or other weakness.
  7. Perform a lift check

A pre-alignment visual check will take about fifteen minutes to perform, but will save you time on the alignment process not to mention the massive amount of time you’ll save by running properly aligned machines.

By going over these steps and eliminating any of these easy to spot potential problems you’ll be a lot more likely to get the alignment results you expect.

Are there any additional steps you include in your pre-alignment visual check? Tell us about your process in the comments below.

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