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Common Industry Applications For The New Mentor Visual IQ Borescope


The Mentor Visual iQ video borescope has a host of cutting edge features and enhancements to enable optimum inspection of plant and equipment and to help asset owners make more informed decisions about repairs, help them plan downtime better, improve performance and reduce the likelihood of serious equipment breakdown or failure.

This system combines high resolution video camera technology, high intensity LED lighting and HDR still image capture capability with advanced analysis through 3D Phase measurement, dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and intelligent file management in order to quickly, effectively and precisely detect any visual problems such as corrosion, blockages or cracking. More recently, the development of the New Long Steer probe has added a new dimension to the optic interchangeability of the system, making the device even more effective.

The Long Steer probe is used as an interchangeable attachment to the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe, the world’s most advanced remote video borescope and despite its length (it’s available in custom lengths of up to thirty metres), the Long Steer probe provides the same superior image quality, light output and articulation as standard probes.

The recent announcement that the new Mentor Visual iQ Long Steer probe is now available from Nexxis is good news for many different industries which rely on precise inspections of their plant and equipment to prevent serious failure and improve their performance.

Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer

Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer

A number of industries make use of this superior product including aerospace, power generation and oil and gas. Let’s examine some of the more common industry applications for the new Mentor Visual iQ.

Each of the industries mentioned above depend on precise critical inspections to keep their businesses afloat. Aircraft need to keep flying, power plants need to keep producing energy, refineries have to keep running and wells need to keep producing oil and natural gas. When there’s an issue with corrosion, blockages, pitting or cracking of any of this important equipment, the industries run the risk of unplanned downtime, loss of production, costly maintenance and repairs and the threat of equipment failure, which could be disastrous.

The Visual iQ system travels remotely through internal and external access passages of turbine engines, airframes, automotive engines, piping, vessels, wind turbine gear boxes, underwater structures and so on, enabling real-time inspection and analysis regardless of geographical distances.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what the Visual iQ System can do for various industries:

Aerospace – It improves the shop and flight line inspection process, enhances probability of detection in all turbine stages and creates user-defined profile setups based on specific inspector preferences, airframe or type of power plant.

Power Generation – The rugged portability of the Visual iQ system enables fast and effective inspection in areas that are difficult to access or where there is restricted movement. Superior quality images from the miniature camera make it easier to detect pitting, cracking, wear and tear etc.

Oil and Gas – Its robust all-weather construction allows inspections in tough field conditions such as on a rig, column or in a turbine unit. Bright LED illumination enables large areas such as tanks, headers, vessels and metre tubes to be inspected and interchangeable probes, such as the new Mentor Visual iQ with multiple lengths and diameters make it possible to reconfigure the device and inspect more areas using a single, flexible system.

If you would like to learn more about the Mentor Visual iQ video borescope and how it could benefit your industry, please get in touch with one of our qualified technical experts at Nexxis.

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