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Benefits Of Borehole Video Systems

Regardless of whether you need to inspect a domestic borehole or a deep well in a remote oil and gas drilling location, a borehole video system is an indispensible diagnostic tool.

The technology has improved dramatically over recent years and today, borehole video systems deliver high quality, high definition viewing in a compact and affordable package.

A variety of flexible designs are available to meet the needs of domestic, commercial and industrial clients and which provide a turnkey solution for monitoring and recording the status and contents of all types of borehole.

Whether it’s to retrieve a lost tool, determine what’s causing sand infiltration or clogging, show the depth of a newly drilled borehole, locate and examine stratification, faults, fissures or fractures in the borehole casing or inspect the quality of a new construction, a borehole video system plays a vital inspection and diagnostic role.

High intensity lighting, advanced imaging and smart communications technology are all key features of modern borehole video systems – and they combine into a powerful package.  Real-time inspection has been a major breakthrough, and by viewing the vivid high-definition full motion footage on a clear LCD display console (with editing capabilities), operators can collaborate with others, share information and make informed decisions in real time.

Some systems come with powerful fish-eye 1800 camera lenses which allow simultaneous viewing up the side walls of the borehole and down the well.   These devices are also designed to withstand harsh conditions of boreholes and wells, plus they are sealed for submergence even at depths of over 150 metres.

Despite their advanced capabilities however, they are relatively simple to operate, especially when supported by user-friendly and intuitive software.

In short, the benefits of borehole video systems include:

  • Detailed visual inspections of boreholes and well conditions
  • Fast, accurate diagnostics
  • High quality footage in vivid colour
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Monitoring or recording the contents of a borehole
  • On screen depth counters
  • Enable completed works to be approved
  • Enable pre-purchase inspection

IPLEX MX II Borescope for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

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