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The Zenith: Interview With Pierce Thomas, Co-founder of Interactive Aerial

The Zenith aerial inspection system

The Zenith from Interactive Aerial is the latest product in their range, perfectly designed for the inspection of vertical spaces. With over 2 hours of runtime, automated inspections and a wide array of attachment capabilities it provides the ultimate experience. By ensuring that operators never break the plane for confined space entry ensures that the highest level of safety can be upheld. 

We spent some time with Pierce Thomas, co-founder of Interactive Aerial and the Zenith, to learn where this revolutionary product began and where it is heading. After completing his studies at NMC in engineering and technology Pierce had a passion for innovation within the inspection space. After founding Interactive Aerial in 2015 specialising in internal infrastructure inspections, they went on to develop the Legacy One drone. A revolution and step forward in GPS-denied confined space inspections. 

Aerial-Based Inspection Limitations Lead to Zenith’s Creation

However, with all aerial-based inspections, there are limitations including the run-time, license to operate and difficulty in navigating obstructed areas.  This is where the idea for the Zenith was born. Originally constructed from the internals of the Legacy One drone retrofitted to a plywood housing unit to complete an elevator shaft inspection. This job then began the journey of developing and creating a sustainable and powerful unit we now know as the Zenith.  




Over the course of a few years, the Zenith went through multiple iterations to ensure that it was built to the highest standards with proprietary built integrated boards and improved video transmission solutions. The product was officially launched to the market in early 2020 during the initial stages of the COVID lockdown with a key benefit allowing single-user setup and operation. This meant that operations could continue and comply with the relevant region restrictions. 

Zenith in the Future

There are exciting plans for Zenith in the future, having joined the Nexxis group in 2022, including improved payload options, improved stabilisation systems and updates to the camera itself. The Zenith leads the industry with its safety, functionality and durability and will only continue to drive innovation within internal inspections.  



The Zenith is perfect for assets like: 

  • Bleaching Towers 
  • Stacks 
  • Elevator Shafts 
  • Coal & Lime Silos 
  • Railcars 
  • Sewer Systems 
  • Mining Shafts 

Contact us to learn how Zenith can save your company time and money during routine inspections, or to find out more about our range of robots or our other inspection products. Alternatively, you can request a quote online.

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