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Gain Better Inspection Results with 3D Measurement and HD Video

GE Mentor iQ Borescope for Remote Visual Inspection

Inspection results are only as good as the equipment that’s used to gather them. Increasing the quality of the data gained has many advantages. These include:

  • More efficient planning for repairs and maintenance
  • Increased longevity of assets thanks to timely intervention
  • Simplified forward planning as maintenance can be more accurately defined
  • Reduced costs due to incidents/unplanned downtime

Two vital components of advanced inspection data are that of 3D measurement and HD video. High-value industrial assets have long-suffered from the inability for inspectors to gain in-depth analysis during visual inspection. This is now efficiently overcome with the use of tools, such as the Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe.

Advancing Video Borescope Inspection to the Next Level

Created by Waygate Technologies, the Mentor iQ Video Probe offers several advantages over traditional borescope inspection tools. In addition to having an almost limitless array of interchangeable probes and platform configurations, users benefit from the following:

  • HD inspection camera: Having high definition resolution makes for the ultimate viewing technology. The videoscope boasts and industry-leading 1.2 megapixel HD image resolution, making for increased probability of inspection and a faster workflow process.
  • TrueSight advanced visual inspection software: Precision optics and the capture of high resolution images are combined with an outstanding suite of image transformation software. Optional extras that can be added with the associated Probability of Detection package include Colour Saturation, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Variable High Dynamic Range, Dark Boost, Distortion Correction and Inverse+.
  • Advanced 3D Inspection Software: Known as Real 3D Measurement, this comprises advanced algorithms for accurate, repeatable measurement decisions. Additionally, a dynamic warning system is integrated to help guide an inspection and reduce errors.

Other benefits include cloud connectivity that allow for any-place software updates and real-time collaboration, rigid borescope and flexible fiberscope adaptors, sub-3mm interchangeable probes that simplify small space inspection. This is complemented by a military-grade ruggedness that makes it a tool that’s fully capable of withstanding the rigours of even the toughest of workplace environments.

Videoscope inspection has long demanded such a versatile and comprehensive NDT tool. The advantages are already being utilised in many industries, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Aerospace, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage. Such facilities need to conform to the most stringent of standards. To do so, while remaining competitive and putting definitive maintenance planning in place, the need for technological advancements, such as 3D measurement and HD video, isn’t simply a nice-to-have – it’s fast becoming essential.

The Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe is one such tool that can play a strategic part achieving these requirements.

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