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Why The Mentor Visual IQ Offers Accurate Measurement For The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies on precise non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections to keep their equipment and facilities operating optimally with minimal downtime.

Every second of wasted inspection time means lost production time and lost revenue plus given that the ongoing safety and integrity of assets in the oil and gas industry is a critical priority, accuracy and speed of inspections is paramount.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the industry has responded so positively to the Mentor Visual iQ, a handheld video borescope with state-of-the-art 3D phase measurement and analysis and WiFi connectivity.

Since its launch, this videoprobe has quickly become a ‘must-have’ inspection instrument as it enables faster and more precise detection of visual indications plus it can be customised with unique feature sets for use across a variety of different applications.

The QuickChange innovation adds a whole new dimension of versatility, enabling technicians to use multiple probe lengths, diameter configurations and tip optics on one single system.  This not only speeds up the inspection process  which is a huge plus in the oil and gas testing environment, it also allows technicians to identify more indications and collect more data using only the one instrument.

The Mentor Visual iQ also enables real-time collaboration, which is a huge advantage.  Technicians can connect directly with others in the field using Bluetooth or WiFi to share screens and images of the inspection site, enabling real-time advice from experts and consequent faster and more accurate assessment.

The level of precision and customisation provided by the Mentor Visual iQ videoscope is unprecedented, making it the ‘go-to’ instrument for testing technicians working in the challenging conditions of oil and gas who want superior image quality and faster, more precise detection abilities.

But it’s not just the technological advances that have caught the industry’s attention.

Despite being at the cutting edge of visual inspections, this particular instrument is remarkably operator-friendly.  It has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, menu directed inspection (MDI) which guides operators through the whole process and simplifies the reporting process as well as an on-screen keyboard and ergonomic buttons.  It’s as simple as ABC but it covers visual inspection requirements from A to Z.

Here’s a snapshot of just why the Mentor Visual iQ meets the oil and gas industry’s requirement for precise visual inspections.

  • It features superior image quality enabling clear visual inspection even in the most challenging oil and gas locations
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity enable real-time collaboration
  • 3D Phase Measurement capabilities enable more precise detection, including accurate indication of the depth and size of cracking, corrosion and pitting
  • Profile sets ups can be created and customised for multiple users or applications on a single device
  • The instrument allows technicians to identify more indications and collect more data with a single system

In the oil and gas industry, every second of the inspection process is critical and the precision and customisation provided by the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe minimises the likelihood of wasted time (and lost revenue).

If you’d like to learn more about how this state-of-the-art video borescope can add value to your oil and gas operation, you should contact the Australian distributor, Nexxis.  We are a leading supplier of specialist remote visual inspection technology and our NDT experts will be more than happy to work out an equipment solution that meets your inspection needs.

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