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Video Borescopes For Metal Casting – Form Inspections

This is the second in our series of blog posts on video borescopes for metal casting, and it deals specifically with form inspections (see the first blog post on video borescopes for metal casing here.

Producing metal castings is a complex operation involving many stages.  The casting form is the final end product of the process and has to be the exact replica of the intended form otherwise its integrity can be compromised.  Any mistakes or defects such as cracks, blow holes, fusion, swells, blockages in the passageways and foreign object debris (FOD) like slag or burrs will result in defects and can cause problems down the line.

Quality control is critical for both the producers of the cast components and the buyers and both parties need reliable and efficient technologies for their form inspections.

Video borescopes for remote visual inspection of the internal workings of a cast form will help to locate and identify any defects and establish if there is any FOD.  An advanced video borescope will prove its worth time and again in confirming that the casting form measures up to precise specifications.

Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer

Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer


These devices come in many different designs and configurations to suit a variety of applications, and you should always seek qualified advice so that you get the most appropriate device for your specific needs.   For example, many forms have extremely small and convoluted internal passageways so it is critical to select a model that has the capability and features to cope with the form’s design challenges.

Contact us on 08 9418 4962 to take advantage of our industry experience and expertise and get a flexible and practical solution that suits your casted form inspection requirements and your budget.  Find out more about our extensive range of world-class video borescopes and fiberscopes for purchase or for lease by clicking here.


Image by Zahra brznd [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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