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The Future Is Now: Everything You Need to Know About NDE 4.0

Everything you need to know about NDT 4.0

Industries around the world are undergoing a revolution – in this case, the fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as industry 4.0, this revolution encompasses the gravity trend of automation procedures, utilising cyber-physical systems, big data and predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI). In regards to non-destructive testing (NDT) and non-destructive evaluation (NDE), this is simply being referred to as, NDE 4.0.

In short, NDE 4.0 is all about automating processes that have previously needed laborious manual intervention. This is being achieved with the use of multiple technologies, including smart robotics, cyber physical system and machine learning, all being utilised to capture more accurate, reliable and repeatable data to feed into digital twins and predictive AI. This transition into NDE 4.0 is a dramatic overhaul of tried and tested processes and it is  essential that workers at every level understand, embrace and upskill to stay on top of NDE 4.0.

Harness the Power of Digital Transformation

This leap into technology is set to transform the asset integrity and maintenance industry around the world. The move towards multiple automated processes is gathering pace, with semi-automated and automated equipment already altering the face of the NDT in a wide range of sectors, such as the oil & gas, mining, subsea and nuclear markets.

NDE 4.0 is about getting better data. Overall implementing ways to increase the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of all data capture data to provide better insights into plant health, and ultimately allowing for more accurate maintenance planning. This leads to a reduction in unnecessary downtime or costly urgent works when a fault is discovered through the failure of equipment or a process.

NDE 4.0 benefits include:

  • 3D volume data creation
  • Management of large files and big data
  • Real-time monitoring of structural integrity
  • Reliable inspection of components
  • Planning & interpretation based on accurate modelling
  • Remote NDE and NDT inspections

The Multiple Advantages of NDE 4.0

Introducing the technology into regular NDE and NDT regimes offers a plethora of advantages. Becoming more operationally efficient lowers running costs and brings added value to customers, thanks to asset reliability and lowering the risk of unplanned events – both small and catastrophic.

As the technology advances, future NDE 4.0 platforms will become further integrated with the many advanced testing instruments that are already available. The future will bring a landscape where all NDT testing will be recorded and automated into a single source. This, when combined with workforce practices, training and even recruitment, will ultimately reduce outgoings, improve reliability and uptime of a plant.

More about the progression and advantages of NDE 4.0 can be discovered in the White Paper produced by researchers at Iowa State University.

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