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The 4 Most Important Parts Of Your Laser Measurement System

Easy-Laser E710

With a plethora of laser measurement options available it can be a challenge to know which to choose to best suit your particular needs. The easiest way to approach this is to understand the key elements that make up such an alignment system. Once these are clear in your mind the choice of apparatus should become more straightforward.

Let’s take a look at each of these components in more depth:

  1. The all-important laser transmitter

Designs of the laser transmitter vary enormously, simply because there are many applications such a system needs to be able to cope with the large range of measurements the tool is required to carry out. To effectively transmit the laser over the various options (such as horizontal or along a measurement) various mechanics and optics have been created to effectively interact and bring about a stable point of reference.

When considering geometric applications it’s usual for the laser to be a completely separate unit to the rest of the transmitter, one that’s often then integrated into the same housing as the second part of the unit, the detector.

  1. The detector

This incorporates a photo sensitive device (PSD) that collects data via a single reading or from two dimensions/axes of the laser beam on its surface.  In a nutshell, the larger the surface area of the PSD, the great the measurement range.

The distance to be measured will determine the diameter of a laser beam, and therefore measurement systems that are required to read data over long distances will require a larger PSD. However, for the majority of users, a 20mm PDS will suffice, making larger detectors less common and more specialised.

  1. The brackets

Stability is a vital factor for accurate measuring, therefore an adaptable bracket by which transmitters and receivers can be installed onto objects to be measured is a crucial component. The adaptability of these brackets is well worth taking into consideration, in particular if you’re likely to use the system for many different alignment and measuring tasks.

  1. The software and display units

The key here is simplicity, with user-friendly tools and displays that make for quick measurements and the easy interpretation of the data. Aspects to look for include the presentation of essential information only, simple to determine graphics and even the ability to control and assess via apps on android and iOS. The user experience is also important, allowing even those with little experience of using a laser measurement system to easily operate the software.


Key considerations to take into account when selecting the right system for your needs include:

  • Battery life
  • Does the unit need to be suitably dust or waterproof?
  • Is it to be used in a potentially volatile or explosive environment? If so, the unit must be intrinsically safe to do so.
  • Do you need a dot or line laser? The former provides maximum accuracy over long distances and for geometric calculations, whereas a line laser is easy to use for shaft alignments and delivers a wide range of measurements.

The most important aspects are those of simplicity, efficiency and accuracy, something that the solutions offered by world-leading equipment provider, Nexxis, pride themselves on supplying. Being able to quickly access the necessary equipment that addresses the wide user needs when it comes to measuring is crucial, and intelligent, technologically advanced tools are essential.

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