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SG NDT: The New Kid on the Block Shaking Up the Eddy Current Market

The use of the Eddy Current Testing (ECT) in NDT is well documented and widely utilised. Even though the Eddy Current Array (ECA) technology is still new for many sectors, this technology offers significant benefits in tube testing sectors.

Canadian company, SG NDT, is a relatively new player on the scene, having been founded in 2012. However, the past 8 or 9 years have been busy ones, culminating in a novel eddy current testing experience that has been well-received by a variety of industries. These include the nuclear sector, aeronautics, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

S2G2 – A New Generation of Eddy Current Testing

The S2G2-800 is the latest development of eddy current equipment to be introduced to the market. This welcomed combination of technology, compact size and adaptability brings significant advantages:

1. Enhanced Portability

One of the biggest plus points is the reduced size and weight of the unit. The S2G2-800 is the most portable on the market today, weighing in at 4.5kg. This makes it particularly useful for testing in hard-to-reach locations where testers and/or kit transportation is limited.

2. Effortlessly Versatile

NDT testing of surfaces and tubes requires equipment that can address multiple materials and applications. The S2G2-800 has built-in capabilities, allowing the user to combine a variety of testing technologies:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
  • Eddy Current Array (ECA)
  • Near-Field Testing (NFA)
  • Remote-Field Testing (NFT)
  • Near-Field Array (NFA)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

3. Signal to Noise Ratio

This brand-new digital technology has a unique signal to noise ratio, providing higher sensitivity to defects that older tech might miss. This increased detection rate leads to more accurate maintenance and repair timetables, as well as dramatically lowering the risk of unplanned downtime.

4. Embedded Motor Controller

An integrated motor controller drives the equipment’s motorised vectors and controls the connected probe.

5. Multi-Element Array Technology

All technologies are covered, with the ability to drive multi-element probes. As well as eddy current and eddy current array, its capabilities also include magnetic flux leakage, remote-field and near-field from the same connector.

S2G2 Technology in Action

NDT testing is the mainstay of proactive maintenance in many industries. The following sectors can all benefit from the innovation of S2G2:

  • Nuclear and Power Generation: With probes specifically designed for the nuclear and energy market, plants can take full advantage of ECA technology that is designed for high flaw detection in complex shapes. Blade inspection is well suited to the enhanced performance of this advanced form of ECA technology. In addition, the presentation of data is much improved and inspection time is reduced.
  • Aeronautics: Efficient and accurate fuselage and turbine blade inspection has historically been a challenging area. Thanks to multiplexing capabilities, S2G2 technology allows up to 256 coils to be incorporated in the process, thereby allowing larger areas to be inspected and highly accurate detection of corrosion.
  • Oil & Gas: The industry has long been crying out for multi-purpose equipment that can undertake the many different electromagnetic techniques that are critical for accurate testing. Pipe inspections require a variety of techniques, such as ECT, ECA, RFT, NFT and NFA.
  • Manufacturing: Testing of rods, tubes, and other steel products are well-addressed, thanks to customisable probes that can be adapted to suit requirements. Both the hardware and software elements of S2G2 technology have been adapted for industry needs, offering true flexibility for various applications.

The Future of NDT

The development of S2G2 is yet another example of the future maintenance and repair equipment. Not only is this technology more compact, portable, and powerful, research still continues to overcome many unwieldy processes that are still common in most workplaces. Wide-scale utilisation of the new era of testing tech is something that industries are often reticent to embrace, continuing to stay with the comfort of tried and tested – yet often outdated – methods.

Utilising a technology that offers a faster and a more accurate testing method, coupled with easy to capture high quality data is the way forward to reducing the operational costs.

The key to welcoming the right equipment is to partner with a provider who understands both the industry and the technology and can also advise on the seamless integration of the ECA technology into the business.

Nexxis is perfectly placed to deliver, with offices spanning across the globe. Their USP allows them to work with their customers to determine not only their equipment needs of today, but the flexibility to the utilise the technological advancements necessary to move forward in an ever-competitive landscape.

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