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Reducing Residue With A Video Borescope During Metal Casting

Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply to the metal casting industry.  Quite the opposite in fact.

Many cast parts have complex internal structures and surfaces that are hidden from view and given the vital performance and safety role that these items play in many different situations, ensuring the highest standards of quality control is absolutely crucial.

By way of background, metal casting involves the pouring of molten metal into a mould or cavity and allowing it to solidify to create a desired shape or part.  These parts have a variety of uses including commercial and industrial applications, medicine, architecture and the decorative arts and they need to be free of defects, foreign object debris and residue in order to meet safety and performance standards.

What is residue?

Residue is basically unwanted material which has been left behind during the casting process.  It can comprise liquid non-metallic components which are by-products of oxidation and alloying.

If this residue isn’t reduced or eliminated, it will quickly contaminate any liquids flowing through the internal conduits of the cast part.   No operation wants to risk contamination as the consequences could be severe, so it is imperative to have reliable and accurate inspection methods which can detect residue even in the deepest recesses and narrow passageways of cast metal components.

Video borescopes for metal casting inspections

Videoscope VUCAM XO Borescope for Remote Visual inspection (RVI)

A video borescope answers the need for reliable inspection of hidden internal structures, critical passageways and surfaces of cast materials to ensure the highest standards of quality control.

These optical instruments can reach places that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye, allowing quality control technicians to pick up indications of residue through clear, crisp and bright images and video footage.

Technicians can make definitive decisions about the residue using the many features of these advanced yet easy-to-use devices including the exact location, date and time of the discovery of the defect.

You can find out more about how video borescopes significantly reduce residue in new metallic casted parts, providing companies with the peace-of-mind that their finished components are free of foreign object debris by contacting Nexxis.  We are a leading supplier of specialist technical equipment for non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection in Australia and we carry a wide range of quality video borescopes for hire or for purchase.  Get in touch with our experienced professionals to discuss a flexible and affordable solution that is tailormade to suit your company’s financial and operational needs.

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