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RotoMag with UT module

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Nexxis designed custom solution for internal visual and ultrasonic (UT) inspection of the Liquid Burning Flue stack.

Summary of key details of asset:

  • Liquid Burning Flue (Stack)
    • Bottom Up Inspection via crane assistance with access for magnetic crawler
      • Crane movement and support will not require fine crane movements. Crane to support umbilical and couplant weight as well as provide fall arrest for the crawler with expected movements of approx. 5 m at a time.
    • Material: Carbon Steel
    • Wall Thickness: 10mm
    • Height: 70m Inspection
    • Diameter: 6m at the bottom to 3m at the top
    • Surface Condition: Build up and scale expected, cleaning required for UT.
    • Coating: None internally.
    • Internals: No internal baffles or obstacles.
    • Coverage and Inspection Method: UT approx. every 200mm vertical at four cardinal circumferential angles

Spectrum SP90 Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Integration

UT Extension; Current UT cables are 30m long. UT cables will be extended and tested for signal to noise ratio and electrical noise.

Couplant Deployment; To counter the head pressure of 70+m runs, Nexxis designed and implement a couplant delivery system.

Cleaning Attachment; Nexxis designed and implement a light scale cleaning head with associated mudguard to reduce ferromagnetic material build-up on the crawler magnets.

The design will also assist with UT data collection.


Encoder Extension

Existing encoder cables are 30m long. UT cables will be extended and tested for signal to noise ratio and electrical noise.

Schmitt Trigger to be designed and implemented for signal conditioning.


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