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The Ryonic RMIS Inspection system

RMIS robotic crawlers act as a locomotive and platform for performing visual and other data acquisition within confined, dangerous and/or
hazardous environments such as pipelines. The Ryonic Inspection Suite is an amalgamation of software packages written to accomplish the
generation of several informative reports based on readings taken from the robotic crawler vehicle inside the designated sampling environment.
If additional measuring methodologies are required, the supported sensor can easily be interfaced into the current inspection system and
reporting ability for the desired methodology can be added.

RMIS Key Features

High quality build and materials
Innovative technologies and engineering
Configurable to customer requirements
Designed and manufactured in South Africa


Pipeline & confined space inspections
Mine shaft and tunnel inspections
Oil rig riser and other vertical inspections
Autonomous surveillance for security and military

Contact us to find out more about the Rmis Maxi (8×8) or any of our other robotic crawlers and tractors, or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.


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The RMIS MAXI (16x16 Drive) with its 8 Leg X configuration ensures ultimate grip for horizontal or vertical applications. Ideal for medium to long range runs in medium to large diameter pipelines in wireless or tethered configurations.

With the addition of a magnetic attachment for its parallel chassis, the Versatrax 100 pipe inspection camera is able to climb steel walls and pipework.

Product ID Versatrax 150TM Pipe Inspection Systems

The Versatrax 150 Pipe Inspection Systems combine advanced pipe inspection camera technology and precision manoeuverability with power, reliability and functionality.

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